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Anger, powerlessness, migrants: Italy remained fools

The Austrians are prudent. They sensed that they "smelt of fried", and immediately insured themselves, "piled straw" themselves on mountain passes, deploying troops and armored personnel carriers along the Austrian-Italian border. Even a mouse, not to mention migrants, will not slip past the border guards. That's something in Rome, mad, realizing that the refugees will remain guests of Italy for a long time. One of the ways to Europe was blocked by Vienna.

And a diplomatic battle unfolded: the Austrian ambassador, the irate authorities of Italy, "were summoned to the carpet." The border control of Vienna clearly outlined their prospects and popular discontent over the dominance of refugees. Yes, the migration crisis in a single European country.

Troops on the border

Austrian Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskizil has already made it clear that the country is preparing for the development of migration in Italy, therefore, border control must be activated now, so as not to waste time gathering, when such assistance will be required urgently. Troops can be sent to the Brenner Pass, and four Pandur armored personnel carriers have already been sent to the Tyrolean region, where 750 soldiers are.

No, formally Vienna does not violate the agreement on the European Union's open borders system, but border checks with Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and other countries, from which unwelcome "guests" arrive, it preserves. Excuses also exist, to which, by the way, the Austrians have always been masters. Probably, the Metternich genes are transmitted through the air ...

Armored personnel carriers are designed to block roads, but not to invade Italy. But Rome does not feel any better from this. How to get rid of migrants if the Austrians on the main mountain pass in the Eastern Alps cut the road? And in fact, Vienna made it clear to Rome that it would not tolerate a mass "movement of peoples" through its territories. Mutual assistance in the EU and good motives will not provide Austria with the necessary security.

Austrian border checkpoint in Brenner

The Italians will have a hard time, and the repetition of 2015 events inspires terror in them. How to cope with the flow of migrants, whose number only increases? Since the beginning of the year, about 85 thousand migrants and refugees arrived in the country, mainly from Libya. This is an additional financial burden, plus enormous problems in the field of security.

And in fact it is still necessary to weed out economic migrants from those who are really hiding in Europe from the war: their ratio is about 70% to 30%. Add here and age "line", when most of them - young single uneducated men whose blood boils adrenaline. This is already a problem, and for the local population and the police. The criminogenic situation in Italian cities will worsen at times.

What can the Italian authorities do?

Cut off seaports and provide the rest of Europe with problems with migrants. Once Italy turns into a closed zone, migration flows will shift to the Balkans. The states of the Balkan region will not be happy with such "happiness" and will quickly cover the "Macedonian route". Greece will stay on the beans ... and with angry refugees. Austria will again be in the black: migrants from Hungary will not get to them.

The position of Vienna, too, can be understood, because in the country not everything is so smooth with migrants. In early July, a migrant from Tunisia killed an elderly couple of locals because of their right-wing views. The killer admitted that he hates right-wing politicians, including the Austrian Freedom Party, who advocate limiting the flow of migrants. And how much more are there such offenders in the country? However, the rest of Europe also has no illusions.

It's not for nothing that Hamburg prepares for the forthcoming summit of G20, at which European leaders are going to discuss the problems of migration to the Old World from the countries of the Middle East. The Islamization of the European Union is difficult to overlook, especially in France, where, for example, in the city of Rouba, the percentage of the Muslim population is the highest in Europe. Vienna does not want to participate in the migration "Sabbath" and closes the border to the castle.

The summit remains two days, and the situation in Europe is heating up. There is a hot debate on migrants and the search for "extreme". Add here and the arrival of the American president, who is more important to solve his tasks, and not to be exchanged for refugees who are not a problem for the US.

The Russian president will only sympathize with them at the summit: refugees are not particularly drawn to Russia, because no one will pay them "fat" social benefits, they will have to work. However, Europe is to blame for Europe's problems, and not for migrants. Russia did not invade sovereign countries and did not provoke war.

Let the EU now soothe Italy and order Austria to order. Europe deserved all this also by allowing Eastern European countries to pursue Russians in their territories, only in words calling on them to observe European values ​​and adhere to unity. This is my personal opinion, of course, but the explosion of the "bomb from EU hypocrisy" was logical. European unity slipped to zero ...

A source: Comte

Author: shaya

Tags: Italy, Austria, Border, Refugees, Migration, Europe, EU

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