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20.07.2016 - 23: 12

Goldman Sachs predicted that Russian oil production record in 2018 year

By the year 2018 11,65 Russia will produce a million barrels a day - more than during the Soviet era, when the peak of production (in 1987 year) reached 11,42 million barrels. On Wednesday, July 20, reports Bloomberg referring to the forecast of US bank Goldman Sachs.

Within three years, oil production in Russia will increase. In 2016 year it will grow by more than a percent up to 11,21 million barrels.

Goldman Sachs experts pointed out that to increase production levels will help lower the cost of production. Companies can make a profit and oil in 10 dollars per barrel.

"We are still positive on the prospects for the Russian oil industry. At current prices the large corporations can implement their plans for investments and dividend payments ", - said the head of the analytical group Goldman Sachs Heydar Mammadov.

July 20 17 data on: 40 MSK Brent crude oil price per barrel 46,29. She fell on the 1,26 percent compared to the close of trading July 19.

The same day, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that Russia is no longer in discussions with the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the coordination of the market after the failure of talks on frozen production at the April meeting in Qatar.

11 July it was reported that the OPEC countries, which include Saudi Arabia to increase oil production to the highest level since 2008 years. The cartel produces 32,73 million barrels per day.

In 2015 10,73, Russia was producing a million barrels of oil per day.

A source: Lenta.ru

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