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Dutch politicians began to masquerade as eurosceptics

System Party of the Netherlands began to adopt the rhetoric of his opponents, who oppose the EU association with Ukraine, against migration and even to withdraw from the EU structure. But in reality, the Dutch elite had already decided to not care about the opinion of its own voters: Too many signs that change only their campaign rhetoric, but no convictions.

Dutch Christian Democrats are going to break the agreement with Ukraine if he wins the upcoming parliamentary elections. This was stated by the head of the "Christian Democratic Appeal" master sibrand van Gaarsma Byuma.

Elections in the Netherlands, which are scheduled for 15 March, are generally characterized by the growing disappointment of the Netherlands in the European project. According to experts, this is what Bühm, the leader of the "system" party (and the ruling party in 2002-2010), is trying to take advantage of this by delaying some of the voices of radical Hert Wilders. For today, the Party of freedom of Wilders is in the lead in the pre-election race, 24-28 seats in the new parliament are being given to her. Recall, the Freedom Party is in favor of holding a referendum on the withdrawal of the Netherlands from the EU. Eurosceptics are followed by the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy of the current Premier Mark Rutte with 23-27 mandates, and the "Christian Democratic Democracy" is on the third place with 15-19 seats.

"To throw in the trash"

In recent televised debate Byuma said that if became prime minister of the Netherlands, the "would have thrown in the trash," draft agreement on association with the EU Ukraine. The government had to listen to the opinion of the people who voted against the signing of the treaty in a referendum last April, stressed Byuma. Recall, in spite of the lower house of the Parliament of the Kingdom has already approved the agreement.

Despite the fact that the center-right Christian Democratic Party is one of the traditional parties, it is a member of the European People's Party and its leader began to depart from the usual position probryusselskoy drifting towards euroscepticism. In particular, Byuma also said that other countries will follow the UK, voted in a referendum for a way out of the organization, if the EU will not change its policy.

The local newspaper EUobserver caustically remarked that Byuma increasingly slipping into populist slogans.

Byuma also spoke out against increasing the quotas for the admission of refugees to the Netherlands and the country's increasing military expenditures to the required NATO 2% of GDP, criticized Brussels for a ban on the promotion of members of the organization of national business. For his statements Byuma already won the comparisons with the head of the Freedom Party Wilders.

"Dutch voters are not so stupid and gullible"

Researcher of the Center for European Studies, IMEMO, an expert from the Netherlands Anastasia Nevsky noted that in the Netherlands the right to seriously strengthen the position of the Freedom Party, and it was a surprise to all political forces.

"In recent months and" Christian Democratic Appeal "and the current ruling People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, and the Party of Labor one way or another try to win over the votes of electors, drawing attention to himself. This is primarily due to the fact that the main Dutch politicians adopt the rhetoric and slogans of Freedom Party, adapting them for themselves, "- said the expert VIEW newspaper.

In her opinion, this whole conditional Euroskeptic rhetoric on the part of Dutch politicians are desperate attempts to somehow bring the flue to the right of voters, but a strategic continuation of these campaign promises have not and will not change the course of the party.

However, according to the Neva, Dutch voters are not so stupid and gullible to accept with enthusiasm abrupt change in rhetoric, and steady growth of the Freedom Party's rating confirmation. "Recall that in January the ruling Dutch People's Party for Freedom and Democracy in the face of the country's prime minister Mark Rutte suddenly actively attended to the problems of illegal immigration and Islamization, but it did not add their political weight", - she added.

Europhiles "pereobulsya" in the eurosceptics

Political scientist, Director of the Eurasian Research Center Vladimir Kornilov said that initially in a referendum Christian Democrats actively supported Ukraine Association agreement with the EU, urging people to vote for him. "Then, when the referendum Eurosceptics have won," Christian Democratic Appeal "launched outright trade with the electorate", - the expert added.

According to him, the leaders of the CDA realized that during the election campaign for the mainstream parties stupid act against the will of their own people. "A week ago at a meeting of the lower house of parliament voted against the CDA ratification of the agreement", - said the analyst.

At the same time, Kornilov believes that the fate of the Euro-association of Ukraine from the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands does not depend, since it will not be possible to re-put this issue to the vote in the lower house. "In the future, the fate of the agreement will depend on the vote in the Senate, which, as is known, is not re-elected. But, as far as I know, the CDU has already agreed with the government that three or four senators from their party will vote for the ratification of the agreement, and the leaders of the Christian democrats will dissolve and say that they can not influence the decision of the senators, "the expert predicts.

Thus, says Kornilov, the Christian Democrats plan is to actively use Euroskeptical agenda before the election, but then close our eyes to the fact that some of their senators to vote for ratification.

Also, the political scientist stressed that CDA members are not eurosceptics, but just flirting with the electorate. "They Europhiles and do not hide it", - he said. According to Kornilov, one should not confuse these eurosceptics of the Party of Freedom and "Europhiles" of the CDA, saddled popular trend.

A source: LOOK

Author: Nikita Golobokov Marina Baltacheva

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