Today: December 15 2018
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The State Department: Russia skillfully plays cards in the Middle East

The State Department: Russia skillfully plays cards in the Middle East

Tags: Middle East, Russia, United States, Politics, International relations

Moscow skillfully plays in the Middle East the cards she has on hand, said US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs David Satterfield at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of the US Congress.

In a hearing on the situation in Syria, Senator Marco Rubio told Satterfield that Russia is bringing to the states of the region the idea that it is "a more reliable and more predictable regional partner" than the US, Tass reports.

"They (Russia - comment VZGLYAD) expound this argument to Egypt, Libya, we see it in Iraq, Jordan and even Turkey, which is a member of NATO. And even the Syrian democratic forces were, to a certain extent, tempted by this promise, "Rubio said.

In response, Satterfield said that the United States protects the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf region "from the threats that Iran's malicious conduct on a daily basis represents to these states."

"Our commitments, and not Russia's persistent harassment, not Russian deliveries, determine in which a particular country is experiencing strategic certainty, to whom it has strategic trust in matters that have significance: ensuring its defense and its interests. And this trust, and I would include Egypt here, openly test to the United States, "Satterfield said.

In his opinion, Russia "plays good bad cards".

"We should not overreact, we lose sight of the fact that in the end we, and not Moscow, are the side from which we expect fundamental defense, fundamental support," the State Department official added.

Earlier, Satterfield said that the process of rebuilding Syria is estimated at a minimum of 200-300 billion dollars, but the US is not going to help Russia, Iran and the Syrian government until the "political transformation" of official Damascus takes place.

As the VZGLYAD newspaper noted, the Russian settlement plan in Syria is beginning to lean not only in the UN, but also in the leadership of Saudi Arabia, which is considered one of the sponsors of the Syrian opposition structures.

Anton Cass
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