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State telecommunications company in Cyprus is losing customers

When the government decided to withdraw the draft law on the privatization of the state telecommunications company Cyta last year, the company lost a large market share, the report said cyprusbusinessmail.com referring to the official statement of the telecommunications company.

Cyprus Telecommunications Authority assesses its market share based on the number of mobile phone users. By the end of December last year, the number of users dropped to 58% - the lowest figure since 2009 This was in December 2015, their number was kept at around 62%. And in June, the 2009 Cyta's market share among mobile phone users amounted to 81%.

Meanwhile, the share of MTN rose in December to 34% with 33% in June and 32 2015% in December, at the report said. PrimeTel has also been successful in increasing its market share: 6,7% in December compared with 5,8% in June and in December 4,9 2015% of the market share of other providers such as LemonTel and CallSat, rose slightly and remained below 1%

Finance Minister Harris Georgiades said that the government will make another attempt to privatize Cyta this year.

A source: Successful business

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