Today: March 19 2019
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Get ready for the pogroms, stupid Germans!

Get ready for the pogroms, stupid Germans!

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Eduard Limonov, the first act of the national tragedy of Germany.

I hesitated for a while, what name to give this article. My favorites were:

"Cologne terrified girls," and "Will the German prisons for all immigrants!"

Upon reflection, I still chose the pogroms, looks as it should sinister in their case. Pogroms are likely to follow. Having such a name, I read the article and wanted to give it a new "Wolves and Sheep", but did not. Let it be "pogroms" in the end to go.

The essence of the matter:

1 January about a hundred German women were attacked by refugee workers on the streets of Cologne, near the local train station, the cathedral - the traditional venue of the New Year in this historic German city. The refugees, young people from teenagers and above, the media are writing, "surrounded by girls, molested them, tore clothes and robbed."

This is such a sterile German retelling. In fact, there are already a number of statements about rape, and very often are not quite ordinary things like "grabbed the genitals."

Imagine a migrant, black-eyed, dark-skinned, inflamed by alcohol surrounding the blond German Fraulein like wolves and tearing at their clothes. And not a single old man vermahtovskogo shooter with a gun around. Police said that did not hear anything over the roar of firecrackers and could not see their smoke.

"Green" mayor of Cologne Henriette Reker, quite perverse logic of "green" these days advises German women (quoting from the magazine Der Spigel): «It is always possible to maintain a certain distance, which is greater than arm's length. And not on their own initiative to seek a rapprochement with strangers with whom there is a trust relationship. "

More "green" mayor advises to "keep the groups that do not share even in a festive mood."

Imagine again 1 occurred in January in Cologne. Just hover the horror on the German Fraulein participated in Cologne, according to witnesses, about a thousand migrants. They surrounded the victims, attacked them. This January, the winter, the German Fraulein not wear provocative shorts, which fall out of the priests, but in winter clothes. In order to get to the body, it is necessary to tear the coat, dress and so on. In short, it creates a quiet horror.

Henriette Reker should be immediately removed from his post as mayor of the city of Cologne for the above.

It has condemned the Minister of Justice of Germany, the Meuse, the truth is not in court, but in his microblog:

"Responsibility are not women, but the criminals."

Well, Minister, but the mayor was not fired, the perpetrators are not found and arrested.

In fact, the police had to shoot them in the workers, turned into criminals.

"Arm's length? Then it's no longer my country ... "he wrote in his microblog user Riffmaster.

In the chamber of the Norwegian prison nervously walk from one wall to Breivik, and mutters, "I told you ... I told you so ... I told you, you did not listen, you do not understand my mesidzh. I told you so ... "

Thus, in Cologne on January 1 it was played outdoors play "Wolves and Sheep" where wolves - are young workers, and the sheep - white German Fraulein.

The result was a sinister illustration of the present is already irreparable apparently tragedy.

The country launched a million other people, wild, boiling with hot blood wolves and gave them the opportunity to walk among the sheep. On January, flushed with alcohol, they showed their true nature, quite a cruel, criminal, lustful, you can say, "brutal", but at the risk of offending animals.

In a country where the old man to cry indignantly runs for you if you threw a piece of paper by the trash can, the wolves arrived. Is it then surprising that they pull paw your women, "tear clothing" with them.

What did you expect?

To you burst self-seekers, deserters, escaped from their wars, rather than to defend their land, come in large numbers to other fatty ground.

What else could be expected?

Heroes and victims stayed there. Heroes of the need to perform feats on the liberation of their land, they are there. The victims either fell or exhausted to the extent where it is impossible to run anything.

To you came young, strong, adventurous, aggressive deserters.
Get ready for the German pogroms, the Germans. Thunder will you.

And either you grow up in this fight for life and death, and the superhuman efforts of wolves exile from their land, or trample you and your woman holding empty hands.

This is the terrible truth.

Cologne took only the first act of the German national tragedy.

Position your APB.

This is what your old men are now taken out the old order and yellow paper, and pour tears on old photos.

Eduard Limonov
Free Press
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