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Greek police are going to arrest a Russian businessman after a scandal on football

The Greek police issued a warrant for the arrest of the owner of the PAOK football club of Russian businessman Ivan Savvidi after entering the field at the end of the match of the Greek championship against AEK club.

As transfers France Press referring to sources in law enforcement bodies of the country, the warrant for arrest is issued because of the release of Savvidi on the field during the game and does not concern the fact that he had a pistol with him.

Greek media reported that the arrest warrant for four more people who took part in the conflict, RIA Novosti reported.

At the same time Savvidi has a license for weapons, but according to Greek laws, even police officers do not have the right to carry weapons at sporting events.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the businessman, Tatiana Gordina, said that there were no threats with weapons.

"Yes, Ivan Savvidi went on the field in violation of sports regulations. But he did not threaten anyone, "said Gordina.

It is expected that the decision to punish Savvidi for entering the field will be delivered on Monday evening.

The incident has already responded to the International Football Federation (FIFA).

"FIFA is aware of this incident. FIFA fully condemns this behavior. Since the incident occurred in the national tournament match, any disciplinary sanctions that may be imposed fall under the jurisdiction of the relevant Greek authorities, "the FIFA statement, published in Twitter by BBC journalist Richard Conway, said in a statement.

Recall earlier on Monday reported that the Russian businessman, the owner of the PAOK football club Ivan Savvidi started a fight, running out on the field during the match of the Greek championship in football.

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Author: Dmitry Zubarev

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