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The Greek Saga: Barnard farmers beat police

This, if anything, a rally in the capital of the farmers (in front of the Ministry of Agriculture), enraged after a new round of tax increases.

And this is only a miserable start. The experience of the previous collapse of the financial globalization 1345-year (then, globalization has covered the whole world, but only Europe) hints that the fun is just beginning. I recall how it looked - certificate contemporary events, Giovanni Villani:

... Meanwhile, fighting near the palace did not cease either day or night, continued his siege and search for officials of the duke. The notary of the guard was caught, guilty of murders and crimes against the Altovity family, he was cut to pieces. Then Messer Simone da Norcia, the former Commissioner for the financial affairs of the commune, was captured. He subjected to cruel tortures the right and guilty and slandered many citizens. And he suffered the same death. At the gates of Santa Maria, a neolithic notary named Filippo Tercuoli, a captain of the ducal guard, a man vicious and wicked, was torn to pieces by the people. Sulfur Arrigo Fairies, who was collecting taxes, was identified and finished off when he made his way from the church of the servants to the gate of San Gallo, disguised as a monk.The boys dragged his naked body all over the city, then hung by their feet and the belly crosswise as rips pigs.This was the end, prepared him for his hard work in the invention of new taxes, as well as others for their cruelty ...

... On Friday, the first of August, at the dinner hour, the Burgundians seized the Messer Guglielmo d'Assizi, guardian of the tyranny of the Duke of Athens, and his son, M. Gabriella, eighteen years of age, which the Duke recently knighted. The youth who participated in the crimes and the torture of citizens, first pushed out of the front of the palace in the hands of the enraged people and the crowd of friends and relatives of the victims, executed by his father to strengthen the suffering of the latter. Son and rend to pieces in place, the same thing happened with itself the guardian, who was thrown out of it. The remains of their pilfered on the spears and swords throughout the city.Avengers captured a ferocious and wild impulse that devoured some bloody scraps ...

... All the palaces and houses of Bardi from Santa Lucia to the square of the Old Bridge were ransacked by ordinary people for two days and lost all decoration and utensils; even neighboring houses could not be defended from folk frenzy. The looted houses were set on fire, and twenty-two big and rich houses and a palace burnt in the fire. The fire and robbery caused damage estimated at sixty thousand gold florins. So popular anger put an end to the struggle between the people and Bardi, the cause of which was their great pride and the desire for excellence. Hostility towards Bardi gave rise to such an irrepressible desire for destruction that even roof tiles and worthless items were taken from their homes, and not that expensive things. Not only men, but women and children could not stop and stop robbery ...

...Let the reader only imagine the abyss of money and valuables lost our citizens, of greed have entrusted their kings and rulers.About damn and greedy wolf, full of vicious greed which reigned in our hearts and blinded by insane people, who give their and other people's property in the power of the mighty in the hope of enriching!Because of this, our republic lost all influence, and citizens were left without means of livelihood, except for some of the craftsmen and moneylenders who took away the last crumbs from the inhabitants of the city and its environs. But not without reason secret paths overtake the communes and their citizens of God's punishment, and as punishment for sins, as Christ himself announced: "Die in your sin, etc." That's enough, and so, maybe, it's already too much about this unworthy subject. However, gathering news of memorable incidents, one should not conceal the truth, so that it serves as a warning and a warning for future generations ...

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Author: alexsword

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