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Greek static service revised data on the growth of the economy-2016

Hellenic Statistical Authority Elstat published the new preliminary data suggest continuation in 2016, the downturn in the economy, although not significant.

Compared to the fourth quarter, GDP fell 2015 to 1,1%, whereas the first assessment of the growth of 0,3%. According to the first data released in mid-February, in the year 2016 0,3 GDP grew by% compared to the year 2015.

Statistical Office notes that the GDP of the previous quarters has been revised primarily because of the receipt of new quarterly and monthly data.

According to the corrected, although it is not the final data, in 2016 139 year decline amounted to millions of euros, or 0,05%.

As the Greek media, new statistical data published in the critical moment, when the Greek government is negotiating with creditors for the purpose of completing the second assessment of the reform program and the economic team loses one of the key arguments - that the Greek economy has returned to growth, albeit small, only 0,3%.

Economic edition "Naftemporiki" writes that Elstat data caused discomfort in the government. Officials say the government "expects the data in April," and confirm that the main purpose of the cabinet - complete technical agreement with the creditors until the next meeting of the Eurogroup in March 20. According to them, the agreement must be comprehensive - there should be an agreement on the level of staff (Staff Level Agreement) and then will discuss the medium-term measures for the public debt of Greece.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Economy, Statistics