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Greek clerics ask the hierarchy of the Church of Greece not to approve the decisions taken in Crete

The authoritative Greek public organization "Union of Orthodox clergy and monks," sent an open message to the hierarchy of the Greek Orthodox Church.

The letter, in particular, was signed by Archimandrite Athanasius (Anastasia) - the abbot of the Monastery of Great Meteora, Archimandrite Sarantis (Sarantos), Archimandrite Gregory (Hadzinikolau) - the abbot of the monastery of the Holy Trinity in Volos, archpriest Georgy Metalinos - Professor Emeritus of the University of Athens, archpriest Theodore Zisis - professor Emeritus of the University of Thessaloniki Aristotle's name, doctor of theology Dimitri Tselengidis. In this collection of signatures under the document continues, reports Agionoros.ru.

Authors of the message say that the Cathedral of Crete not only contributed to the consolidation of the Orthodox world, but "gave rise to division and conflict."

In the cathedral did not receive four local churches participated, representing more than half of the Orthodox flock. In addition, not all bishops have the opportunity to participate in the council, and those who yet received an invitation to come to Crete, were deprived of the right to vote. Members of the Greek "Union of clerics and monks" emphasize that the equality of all bishops of the Orthodox Church was broken for the first time in history, all the decisions taken Primates, which essentially acted as a "collective pope".

Unprecedented first regulation Cathedral spawned a series of collisions:

1. Most Serbian bishops have refused to sign the document, "the Orthodox Church's relations with the rest of the Christian world", but due to the fact that it was signed by the Primate, the final text under it automatically delivered the signatures of all the Serbian bishops.

2. Four Metropolitan Cyprian refused to put a signature under the final document "The relationship of the Orthodox Church with the rest of the Christian world," and that it is not evident, the Archbishop of Cyprus, without having received the appropriate consent "instead signed the document."

"Clerics and monks of the Union" Participants called Cretan Fest "ecumenical" and believe that it introduces a new doctrine of the Church. "It is no coincidence Cathedral organizers persistently protested against the proposals of the Greek Church to replace the text" of other Christian churches "to" Christian communities ", - underline the authors of the document, - the word heresy was never found in the documents" Cathedral ", a fair offer Holy Mountain prohibit joint prayer with heretics has been completely ignored. "

According to the authors of the open letter, "meeting of the bishops in Crete can not be described either as a cathedral nor a saint, nor as great." They ask the hierarchy of the Church of Greece not to approve the adopted solutions in Crete, or at least to reject as invalid text "The relationship of the Orthodox Church with the rest of the Christian world."

Participants of the "Union of the clergy and the monks' call for a pan-Orthodox efforts to convene another Pan-Orthodox Council, which react to the" Cathedral in Crete "as" to the pre-conciliar assembly of bishops and change his decision. "

A source: Russian folk line

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