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Greek fishermen caught a shark weighing 350 kilograms

Greek fishermen caught a shark weighing 350 kilograms in the Ionian Sea near the island of Kefalonia, agrinioreport.com reports.

The shark was pulled out from the depth of 500 meters on Wednesday, the fishermen told the publication.

A huge fish was hung out near a fish store in the town of Agrinion and many passers-by approached to be photographed with a carcass. Those who know about the exceptional taste of shark meat, rushed to buy those parts of the fish that they wanted, the newspaper writes.

As a result, it was quickly sold at a price of 8 euro per kilogram, reports the site.

While the message was commented by only one user. He identified a gray hexabular shark Hexanchus griseus in the catch, which is protected by law from 1981 year. According to him, its catch and sale are prohibited.

A source: RIA News

Tags: Greece, Fishing

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