Today: March 23 2019
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Greek fishermen caught a giant shark

Greek fishermen caught a giant shark

Tags: Greece, Fishing

In Greece, in the Ionian Sea, fishermen caught a giant (giant) shark 3,5-4 in length.

This is a large pelagic shark from a monotypic family of cetorin, or giant sharks (Cetorhinidae), a group of lamellar, or blue sharks (Lamniformes). The only species belonging to the monotypic genus of giant sharks (Cetorhinus).

Like a whale, a giant shark feeds on plankton, but does not suck water, but simply swims with an open mouth, filtering through the gills all that it gets. In this way, a giant shark is able to filter to 2000 tons of water per hour.

These sharks do not pose a danger to humans. For a long time they were a valuable commercial game. Overfishing led to a reduction in the population to a vulnerable level.

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