Today: December 14 2018
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Greek storm moves towards Cyprus

Greek storm moves towards Cyprus

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Passed the middle of the calendar winter, but until the spring - even the early Cypriot - is still far away. The weather forecast from the Cypriot weather forecasters confirms this. In Cyprus, Greece is moving storm "Theseus", reports Offsite. It will touch the western and southwestern parts of the island along the tangent and bring rain and snowfall, strong winds and a drop in temperature.

  • On Wednesday, 17 January, in Cyprus the rains will begin, in Troodos there will be snowfalls. Daytime air temperatures on the coast will be + 15-18, in the mountains - up to + 2.
  • The peak of bad weather will have to Thursday, 18 of January. There will be a decrease in temperature, a strong wind is predicted in the western and southwestern parts of the island. Rivers and thunderstorms are possible on the coast and in the inner regions, snowfalls will continue in the mountains.
  • On Friday, 19 January, it will be sunny. However, the air temperature will continue to decrease. In Nicosia will be up to + 17, in Limassol - to + 13, in Larnaca - + 15, in Paphos - + 14, in the Troodos mountains - to + 1 degrees of heat.
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