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22.03.2017 - 23: 11

Greek Hachiko already 7 years waiting for its owner near the supermarket

In Crete, near one of the supermarkets in Heraklion lives a large dog, resembling locals famous dog from the movie "Hachiko: The most loyal friend."

In the morning the dog to come to the supermarket entrance and the whole day waiting for the owner, 7 died years ago.

Store clerks tell us that over several years the supermarket came a man place, which was the owner of the dog. After his death the dog settled in the area, every morning he comes to the store and waiting for the host has been 7 years. Residents of the area of ​​its lure, some even tried to take home, but the dog always returns to its original location.

A source: newsbomb

Tags: Greece, Animals, Dogs, Society