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17.03.2017 - 15: 53

Greek court may put an end to the migration of the EU and Turkey Agreement

Migration Agreement between the EU and Turkey again was on the verge of collapse. Greece, the Court will consider the admissibility of the recognition of Turkey's "safe third country".

Two Syrian refugees who were denied asylum in Greece, in order to avoid returning to Turkey (through it they were in Greece) have filed lawsuits in the Greek courts, reports EUobserver. They argue that Turkey should not be regarded as a "safe third country" (EU countries may refuse to shelter if the third country through which the immigrant was in the EU is safe and can itself grant him refugee status). Syrians Lawyers should provide all the evidence until 17 March.

The case will be considered the Council of State (Supreme Administrative Court) of Greece. It is expected that the hearing will take place around the middle of April. The verdict will be an important precedent for the EU. If Turkey is found to be unsafe, it is, in fact, put an end to the migration agreement between it and the European Union. Brussels will not be able to return the immigrants to Turkey and will be forced to address their asylum application. This greatly exacerbate the refugee crisis in the "United Europe".

Migration Agreement between Turkey and the EU helped somewhat reduced sharpness of the refugee crisis, significantly reducing their flow. At the same time, international and European human rights organizations have repeatedly criticized Brussels for a decision, pointing to the violation of the rights and mistreatment of refugees in Turkey.

A source: LOOK

Author: Nikita Kovalenko

Tags: Greece, the Court, Refugees, Migration