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Greece on the cover of the April issue of National Geographic Traveller

In the April issue of National Geographic Traveller magazine will be posted Unfolded article about Greece and Thessaloniki reputable British journalist, photographer and traveler John Malatronasa.

In its press release, the magazine published an article previews, which will be released under the name «Greece, A Modern Classic», briefly informing about the content.

The magazine unfolding stories of people and places, mainly in Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as other parts of Greece, which, according to the journalist, is a "cultural progress" of the country as an antidote to "hopelessness caused by the economic crisis."

The report is enriched with rich photographic material and, thanks to the experienced eye of the journalist, known for his objectivity and vivid narratives, is an exciting and fascinating journey through the country in which he involves the reader, inviting him to better know and love Greece.

Article Thessaloniki recommends alternative traveler, who will find here a genuine quality and a unique experience through gastronomy, art and culture of the northern capital, retains its uniqueness to this day.

The well-known journalist who travels around the world to represent the city and country travelers, visited Thessaloniki at the end of last year. Commitment to deploy a journalist took over the Association of Hoteliers in Thessaloniki.

A source: Grekomania

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