Today: January 16 2019
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Greece will begin to grow cannabis on an industrial scale

Greece will begin to grow cannabis on an industrial scale

Tags: Greece, Drugs, Laws, Medicine

In the capital of Greece, an exhibition devoted to the cultivation of cannabis on an industrial scale was opened, which acquaints visitors with the latest achievements in the field of using this plant in medicine and production, RBC reports.

"Greece has an ideal climate and it's time to take advantage of it," AMNA agency quotes Deputy Minister of Agriculture Yannis Cironis as saying. According to the official, patients suffering from serious diseases "for many years were forced to import drugs for the treatment of serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and now there are medicines that we can do in Greece."

Cyronis also promised that bills on the medical use of kanabis will be introduced to the parliament in the coming weeks.

According to the general secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Development Efstratios Zafiris, from industrial cannabis it is possible to produce about 22,5 thousand products. "This plant has great potential," he said, and promised that the government will take other steps to legalize the kanabis for medical purposes, which will allow investors and businessmen to show high business activity in this area.

Zafiris assured that large industrial groups from both Greece and abroad show great interest in the industrial cultivation of the cannabis, which, he said, "will give a huge impetus to the industry of Greece."

The Greek authorities in 2017 have repeatedly promised that the bill on legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes will be submitted to the parliament by the end of the year, but this did not happen.

In November 2017, in an interview with Bloomberg, the Minister of Rural Development and Food of the country Evangelos Apostolu said that growing marijuana will help restore the economy after seven years of crisis. He clarified then that the producers of medical marijuana have already shown interest in the projects of creating greenhouses in Greece for more than 1,5 billion euros.

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