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Greece bypassed Cyprus in the quality of medicine

As studies show, Greece occupies 20 place in the world ranking on the quality of medical care, with Germany and the US occupying lower positions.

The study uses a new global index (Healthcare Access and Quality Index), with an evaluation scale from 0 to100, which includes 195 countries.

The ranking of countries on a scale is commensurate with the consideration of the quality of health and accessibility of medical services to the population.

The index takes into account the data for the period 1990-2015. This is the mortality statistics that exist in each country for 32 diseases, which could be avoided with proper medical care. In fact, the index assesses the health system of each country, depending on the degree of mortality for reasons that could be prevented by medical intervention.

The index was developed by leading specialists of the University of Health. Washington in Seattle, as well as with the involvement of international experts.

Worldwide, the health index shows growth and improved performance.

In 2015, the highest score was taken by Andorra (94,6), followed by Iceland (93,6), Switzerland (91,8), Sweden (90,5), Norway (90,5), Australia, Finland, Spain and the Netherlands in descending order. The last place is the Central African Republic (28,6). In general, European countries occupy the highest positions, while sub-Saharan Africa is the lowest.

The position of Greece

Greece is gaining in aggregate 87 units, which puts it at 20 place in the world ranking, to a position higher than Germany (86).Cyprus is at 27 place (85), The United States of America on 36 (81) and Turkey on 81 (76).

Greece gets "excellent" (100) in the statistics of treatment of such diseases that cause diarrhea, as well as diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, epilepsy and appendicitis.

To reduce the rating of our country contribute to the disease: skin cancer, except melanoma (62), prostate cancer (67), Hodgkin's lymphoma (31), leukemia (62), coronary heart disease (61), cerebral vascular diseases (72)

Commenting on the fact that strong countries (the USA, Great Britain, Germany, etc.) do not occupy the top positions of the world rating, as one might expect, leading researcher Christopher Murray noted that "the strong economy of the country is not yet a guarantee of a good and generally accessible medical service".

A source: Grekodom

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