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Greece announced on progress in negotiations with creditors

At the talks the government of Greece and international creditors on a second evaluation of the program of reforms has been significant progress, a decision some of the most difficult issues can be postponed, told reporters representative of the Ministry of Finance involved in the negotiations.

He considers it possible to achieve the March 20 Technical Agreement (Stuff Level Agreement, SLA), without which it is impossible to assess the approval of the Eurogroup - Euro zone finance ministers. "Perhaps to 20 March there will be an agreement at the technical level, it is almost agreed.", - Said the representative of the Ministry of Finance.

Greece looks forward to the next meeting of the Eurogroup in March 20 resolve contentious issues, to get a second positive assessment of reforms. Without it, the country will not be able to get another loan under the program of aid 86 billion euros required to service debt.

"Today will continue the discussion at technical level on the four or five issues at the level of Heads of Missions discussion will begin at three o'clock in the afternoon left three or four policy issues that will be addressed, perhaps later discussion will continue...", - Said the source.

Among the outstanding issues is labor reform, on which there is disagreement among European creditors and the IMF, the source said.

"However, the key issue of negotiations are measures and countermeasures (for the period after the end of the third aid program - ed.). The main discussion is around We have a convergence of views on most of what we want to do for countermeasures and expenditure and on. of budget revenues, "- said the official.

"I have a feeling that all is now focused on 20 March that we had significant progress even if we did not close all the issues the world must feel that made a key step.", - Said the representative of the Ministry of Finance.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Economy, Credit, Reform

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