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28.03.2017 - 13: 31

Greece refused to accept the return of refugees from the EU on the Dublin Agreement

Greece is categorically refuses to take back refugees and migrants from European countries in accordance with the rules of the Dublin agreement, minister of Greece Yiannis Muzalas migration policy, said in an interview with the German magazine "Der Spiegel". The text of the interview spread Monday in the Greek Ministry of digital policy.

According to the Dublin Agreement, Member States have the right to deport illegal migrants in the country through which they arrived in the EU. The European Commission demanded from Greece, through which in 2014-2015 years were the main migration flows to Europe from Turkey to accept readmission of migrants. In February 2016 year "Balkan corridor" Migration was closed and tens of thousands of people have been blocked in Greece.

"Greece has been a big load 60 We accept thousands of refugees relative to the total population is similar to Germany would be a mistake to further encumber their return to Greece on Dublin rules..." - Muzalas said.

On the question of whether Greece is categorically refuses from "returning" to Dublin, the Greek minister said. "Yes, we are not able to return to the rules of Dublin."

Muzalas said that the Germans must realize that it is not related to political or ideological reasons.

"Now we have reached the limit of our capabilities from (harmonized with the EU) 32 10 thousand refugees a thousand were distributed to other EU member states our position clear -.. We can not accept any more refugees", - said Muzalas.

Speaking about the situation with the arriving refugees and migrants, the minister said that after having been closed the transit of refugees through Greece to Germany, their flow decreased from 30 thousand people a day to 10 thousand, and after signing the agreement with Turkey, it fell to 60 people in a day.

As of March 27, 62 166 refugees are registered in Greece. Over the past day in the country arrived 75 people.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Refugees, Migration, EU Policy