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Greece asked the EU for help in combating forest fires

Greece asked the EU for help in combating forest fires

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Greece appealed to the European Union to help in the fight against forest fires, the Greek fire department reported.

Since the beginning of August, forest fires have been blazing all over the country, firefighters do not have enough strength. 14 August 91 appeared a new forest fire, 15 August - 55 foci. Over the past 24 hours, 33 has registered new forest fires.

In a number of regions of Greece, because of fires, an emergency regime has been introduced, which makes it possible to quickly direct additional forces and resources to fight a natural disaster. Emergency mode is announced on the island of Zakynthos, in the Kalamos, Kapandritos, Barnabas, Marathon regions, the General Secretariat for Civil Defense Affairs said. Burned tens of thousands of hectares of forest, including near Athens, smoke from forest fires on Tuesday felt throughout the capital of Greece.

"Due to the large spread and intensity of fires and considering that in the coming days there will be a high risk, our country has filed a request through the European Civil Protection Mechanism IRCC for international assistance in the air force (for extinguishing fires), specifically for two pairs of CL- 415 ", - said the fire department.

Cyprus reported that it will send a group of firefighters from 60 people. France, which has firefighters, refused to help because of the numerous fires in her home.

The Air Force of Greece has 18 Canadair fireplanes - 11 type CL-215 and seven CL-415, but, according to media reports, only 6 can be used, the rest need to be repaired. Most of the old technology - CL-215 has been flying for 40 years.

Earlier sources in the Greek government told RIA Novosti that due to financial problems they could not buy Russian firefighting equipment, but Athens offered to create a joint aviation fire unit for the European Union countries to react quickly to fires.

The Hellenic Fire Service also reported that on the 15 August on the island of Samos, an improvised device for arson, made on the basis of an aerosol can, was found. Sources in the fire service told the Athens news agency that, in their view, the arsons are planned, but government officials avoid talking about deliberate arsons, saying that an investigation is necessary before.

In 2007 year across all Greece fires also burned. Many observers are sure that their cause was arson to destabilize the situation in the country and to remove former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis from power.

Gennady Melnik
RIA News
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