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13.04.2017 - 19: 00

Greece has proposed to transfer US military base from Turkey to Crete

Greek Ministry of National Defense is discussing with the US expansion of the US military base in the Court in Crete and the transfer to the base of Turkey, told RIA Novosti source in the Greek Defense Ministry.

Военно-морская база в Суде является одним из главных опорных пунктов военно-морских сил США и НАТО в восточном Средиземноморье. Будущее базы министр национальной обороны Греции Панос Камменос и министр обороны США Джеймс Маттис обсуждали 24 марта во время визита Камменоса в Вашингтон. Как сообщил Камменос, состоялось большое обсуждение относительно потенциала для расширения базы в Суде и ее значения для альянса. Камменос также пригласил министра обороны США приехать в Грецию и побывать в Суде. До этого министр обороны США посещал Грецию 27 лет назад. Маттис принял приглашение.

"Right now, issues of expansion of a US military base in the Court are discussed, including how long the US can be an agreement", - said a source in the Ministry of National Defense of Greece.

Agreement on the basis of renewed annually.

"We want to Court transferred the base of Incirlik (Turkey) It is in our interests, we will not be dependent on Turkey This also weaken Turkey..", - the source said, noting that Ankara's policy is difficult to predict, and no one knows, what actions can be taken President Tayyip Erdogan.

According to him, Ankara is constantly blackmailing the United States, threatening to close access to the Incirlik.

Incirlik Air Base is one of the main bases of the US and NATO in the region.

A source in the Ministry of Defense of Greece at the same time denied reports about plans to create a base of NATO in Macedonia.

"This is not a discussion Why should there base What is the meaning of its place Though, of course, we are interested in this, for obvious reasons difficult relations with Turkey.?" - a spokesman said.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Military Base, US, politics, international relations, Turkey