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Greece stood up for communism, teaching Estonia a history lesson

Greece stood up for communism, teaching Estonia a history lesson

Tags: Greece, EU, Estonia, Politics, History

According to RIA Novosti, Sputnik agency reports that Greece's refusal to accept the views of the Estonian authorities on communism and events in the history of the 20th century forced Tallinn to make adjustments to official texts.

Earlier, the European Parliament adopted a document calling for the announcement of 23 August as a day of commemoration of "the victims of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes." It refers to crimes committed by a number of communist regimes in Europe, but the final wording does not include the word "communism".

According to the publication, this is due to the fact that in some countries of Europe the positions of the Communist parties are strong. In this connection, equating "communism" with "Stalinism" or even more so with Nazism will cause sharp rejection of political activists. Tolerance and diplomacy of the European Parliament made it possible to take this into account - unlike Estonia, which did not have these properties.

This state with 1 July presides in the European Parliament. Therefore, a number of organizational functions are assigned to its apparatus in this body. In connection with the upcoming 23 August conference devoted to the memory of the victims of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, this device posted on the site a message on its conduct, where the forum was entitled as "Conference of commemoration of the victims of communism and Nazism: the legacy of Europe of the XXI century - crimes committed by communist regimes ".

As Sputnik says, the title of the topic allows us to believe that the authors designate Nazism as one of the varieties of communism. However, this formulation does not take into account Spanish francism and Italian fascism.

Greece categorically disapproved of this designation, she expressed an official protest and accused Estonia of trying to revive the climate of the Cold War and in violation of the EU values. The representative of Greece, Minister Stavros Kontonis refused to participate in this event. As a result, it forced the apparatus of the presidency of the Baltic republic in the EU to change the official message on its official website. However, according to the publication, the new text on the conference ("International Conference on the Remembrance of the Victims of Communism and Nazism") continues to distort the content of the resolution of the European Parliament from 2 April 2009.

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