Today: January 16 2019
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GRECO noted the successful fight against corruption in Cyprus

GRECO noted the successful fight against corruption in Cyprus

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The Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) notes the progress made by Cyprus with regard to greater transparency in the work of public authorities. This was reported by the Bureau of Press and Information of Cyprus on the results of the third assessment mission of GRECO in the country.

GRECO is an organization working under the Council of Europe and dealing with corruption issues. It was founded in 1999 year and is based in Strasbourg.

It is noted that Cyprus has prepared a legislative framework for the creation of an independent anti-corruption management. The draft version of the bill will be forwarded to the Prosecutor General in the coming days.

GRECO also stresses the importance of the fact that now political officials are required to publish income statements - both their own and their spouses (s). In addition, since 2013, draft laws have been drafted limiting the term of office of the country's president and members of parliament, as well as the limits of parliamentary immunity. A list of violations for which the president is threatened with criminal prosecution and a bill providing for the protection of so-called unmaskers - those who make secret information about the illegal, immoral or socially harmful activity of an organization - are being developed. In the work and the draft law on the activities of lobbyists, according to which a register of persons engaged in such activities will be created, as well as opening public access to government documents, which will help to increase the transparency of the public sector.

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