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Greek returned to tourists forgotten in a taxi 3 thousand euros and documents

In Greece, the taxi driver returned a pair of French tourists forgotten by them in the car wallet with money and documents. This is reported by the portal Azinlikca.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, 6 June. Driver Yannis Kipriotis (Yannis Kipriotis) delivered travelers from Athens to the nearby town of Piraeus.

Later he discovered that foreigners had left in his car a wallet with three thousand euros in cash, credit cards and documents.

As a result, 32-year-old man returned to Piraeus and sought out tourists who were in the law firm. He returned the lost thing to them. Holidaymakers thanked Kipriotis, saying that now they will have the best impressions from Greece.

In late March, a taxi driver in the Thai province of Phuket returned to vacationers from the UK bag, which was more than two thousand dollars.

A source: Slow

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