Today: January 17 2019
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Greeks confessed their love for Russia and Putin

Greeks confessed their love for Russia and Putin

Tags: Greece, Society, Polls, Russia, Putin

About 70 percent of Greeks favor Russia, and 30 percent consider its president Vladimir Putin to be an ideal leader. These are the results of a survey conducted for the independent non-profit research organization Dianeosis.

A nationwide survey was conducted in January and February of 2018 with a sample of 1250 people. It turned out that 67 percent of the word "Russians" and "Russia" cause positive emotions. One third of respondents consider Russia a good alternative to the European Union. On the US, they said only 10 percent.

30 percent of Greeks believe that Putin is the best head of state in the world. Followed by the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel (about her so said 14 percent) and French President Emmanuel Macron (13 percent). US President Donald Trump is considered the best leader of just two percent of respondents.

In December 2017, Thracian University named after Democritus decided to award Putin with a gold medal for outstanding work for the benefit of regional stability and prosperity.

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