Today: January 21 2019
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Grandmaster Putin and eighteen Spanish parties

Grandmaster Putin and eighteen Spanish parties

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The death of the sacred center of the planet - Mesopotamia, located in present-day Syria and Iraq - Wang considered the last line that separates the world from destruction.

From ancient Mesopotamia humanity now there was only Syria. Everything else - Iraq, Libya, Turkey, Iran even it was placed in the power of darkness.

Cruel Intentions "our friends" that lie beyond adequate, according to the law of conservation of energy have to bring something. Impulse defined chain of terrorist attacks and provocations with hundreds of casualties, can not quietly dissipate in space and would have materialized in an event of global proportions. However, extreme tension, spilled in the air and felt in all news reports, not yet manifested in something tangible.

This in itself is quite bad because the longer the period a mismatch between expectations and their implementation, the wider the "fork" between what we believe it is possible, and opens a window Overton, behind which there is a terrible impossible. And suddenly all the more impossible it can break into our already hectic lifestyle.

It seems to be "partners" offer us a wide range of reasons to worry. But they hardly boils, miraculously transformed into its opposite, and evaporate into nothingness:

1. Turkish Invasion of Iraq was presented as almost the beginning of the Third World. However, if you put together the statements of participants of the conflict, it appears the picture is more reminiscent of the interior of Alice in Wonderland. Just yesterday, the international community, including the perturbed the Iraqi prime minister, called on Ankara to take a hike from a foreign country, and today Iraq and Turkey say on cooperation in the field of security (I wonder from whom?), And Iraqi Kurdistan even plans to start gas supplies to Turkey (!) .

Meanwhile, if you remember, whose efforts Iraq has turned into what it is now, there is nothing interesting in this turn on 180 ° no. For official and unofficial power in the country is completely destroyed the same controls who use Turkey as a cheap pipeline, pumping revenues from trade with the terrorists on the opposite continent. It is unlikely that Ankara sent troops into Iraq without the knowledge of their general coordinator and a preliminary agreement, only stupidly nervous Erdogan's how we want to present it.

Since the entire Middle East is essentially a large oil wells, apparently, Erdogan quickly went to Iraq to close from the prying eyes of the Russian special services is another distribution channel igilovskoy oil. The benefit of the Turkish armed forces were ready - for Syria, of course.

2. Is injected into the media hysteria about the possible closure of Turkey's passage through the Bosphorus for our courts to quickly come to naught, as it would mean a declaration of war. War with Russia, the Turkish leader, could and would like to, but provided support for NATO, what is it, unfortunately, no one is guaranteed.

3. It can even be expected that situation to escalate American coalition will fire the Syrian army. This happened twice. "Second Front" in general, focusing accuracy is not concerned - then the hospital sharahnet, then the water supply ...

4. Biden's visit to Kiev was marked by gunfire in LDNR and accumulation of technology at the front line. Given the mood in the republics, who can not wait for the onset of the APU, to finally take revenge for all the Donbass adventure Poroshenko did not have the guts to hara-kiri. And, then, the case once again limited to provocations.

5. One of them - murder Dremova organized by the APU, as directed in the said LC. Crime is among the leaders of the republics of removals - Brain, Ishchenko, Bednova.

6. IMF again very expected, twisted inside out and threw himself under the feet of default Ukraine. Well, I hope that Soros and Templeton abandon pieces of torn Square, declaring it insolvent, it would be at least lightly. America certainly still plans to use Ukraine as one of the hot spots, and therefore worry about its status.

7. Crimean blackout led to the establishment of a Russian energy coming peninsula and breach of contract for electricity with Ukraine.

8. For completeness, it is necessary to mention the WHO in the North Caucasus as a response to our constant attempts probing forces in Chechnya, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, and Kadyrov's promise to avenge the death of a Chechen who was killed by terrorists.

In general, we must recognize that provocations some small and very predictable. Revealing the sheer number is not chess battles, both imposed by Russia, which imposed, forcing play on several fields. Since they have not yet led to an explosion, it begs the assumption that they are not designed for this purpose, but rather are designed to dissipate the attention and effort.

Much more interesting is the official behavior of our overseas partners.

From the outset, information attacks coalition constantly accuses Russia of air strikes are not the terrorists, but by the opposition, were very strange. Well, even if so, what it cares about America antiasadovskih forces? Well, I think, shoot one or two. They are in fact still there are many, and the State Department was not used to worry about the cannon fodder.

Even more puzzling is as often marked by our politicians unwillingness of the United States to provide information on the whereabouts of this "moderate" opposition. If it is so dear to Washington that he does not take care to protect it from the "Russian aggression"?

Finally, endless debates about who is counted among the Syrian legal opposition, and who - the bandits, generally given phantasmagoria. No reason not to ask a simple question: why deal with this problem all but the Syrian government, although the only sign of such suitable separation - is armed uprisings against the government or the lack thereof. If people take up arms, they are, by definition, can not be a legitimate party, no matter what the relationship with the terrorists they have not lined up.

If you look at the situation objectively and without emotion, it is clear that without the United States, Russia has committed to with LIH together with the Syrian military. America is just underfoot. You have to expend energy on attempts at reconciliation, which came to nothing lead, since it is the consensus of all the forces of the United States avoided.

All this proves one thing - Russia carefully distinguished from the Coalition. More precisely, from penetrating into its plans, which the Russian Federation is very much a hindrance.

Once said Vladimir Vladimirovich, the Americans - persistent guys. It did not happen on the one hand - they try another. Leave alone the Middle East they are clearly not going to. The lack of expression of the intention of overseas demon does not say that they are not. On the contrary, they are very serious, and therefore carefully nurtured.

Understand the purpose of the monster can be imperceptible movements of its tentacles. Whatever the hidden servants of Satan, "by their fruits ye shall know them."

Today we have two unexplained events, explained that in the context of the information available it is very difficult:

1. "Pioneer rally" of the Syrian opposition in Riyadh, touted as the search for ways to dialogue with Assad.

2. The election of Angela Merkel's "Man of the Year."

In gathering Assad's opponents there would be nothing worth considering, if not for a strange choice of location - the capital of the KSA. Saudi Arabia, repeatedly accused of supplying weapons to terrorists and training the militants operating in Russia, is probably as important a buyer of oil from the IG as is Turkey, but in fact much larger. It is also common knowledge of its blood - oil and religious - interest in the fall of the ruling regime in Syria. In this light, attracting Syrian oppositionists to their territory, the lion's share of which are the same terrorists, looks, frankly, suspiciously.

Even more absurd it seems that one of the most radical groups - "Ahrar al-Sham" acting in concert with "Dzhebhat en Nusra", left the forum. According to her, "revolutionary" group did not receive adequate support at the meeting.

As Anton Pavlovich Chekhov said, a man is cunning. It would be strange to imagine that the allies of the IG, such as these "revolutionaries", could go to an adequate conversation with Assad. The question arises: why did they come to Riyadh and what did they hope to find there? Given the frankly two-faced position of Saudi Arabia, the organization of an opposition forum with the aim of establishing peace talks with Bashar Assad looks, to put it mildly, implausible. Moreover, the participants were not invited to the most peaceful participants. And what better way to hide the true goals of the high assembly than the statement of the radicals that they were rejected, supposedly listening to more loyal groups? East is a delicate matter...

Well, imagine what America will lose in Syria almost an Islamic state, well-established and fabulously lucrative oil trade, jeopardize the hard-won achievements of the Arab Spring, and even to risk exposing their ties to terrorism.

Humility, by the way, not one of the virtues of the world of business management. All the more so to remove these concerns economic elite only need to change the political landscape in Syria.

To do this, we have done everything:

1) prepared the ideological and informational ground in the Gulf countries. He fakes planted on the moderate opposition, which can cooperate, and Russia, which bombards these "allies", and, therefore, it can not cooperate;

2) to protect them Erdogan put the soap as the only accomplice LIH;

3) Russia suspended participation in the coalition, even a proposal to protect the pilots did not receive support - a springboard for American action in Syria should be as free from interference from Moscow;

4) The reaction of the Kremlin was carefully and thoroughly tested. It has been clarified that Russia responds instantly and severely to encroachments on its citizens, up to transparent hints about equipping missiles with nuclear warheads. However, the American bombing of the Syrian positions of government troops caused much less resonance, limited to diplomatic statements. It is understandable: actions in response to aggression against another state under these conditions should be conducted much more cautiously and pass through several instances, which will greatly slow the appearance of the result;

5) radicals gathered in Riyadh, of course, for instructions, money and weapons, and the departure of "Ahrar al-Sham" has been called everything to hide it even from the media.

From these ominous preparations should only conclusion.

US hands together to remove the radical opposition Syrian Bashar al-Assad.

"Remove" in this case means "to kill". For example, during the same future "dialogue" with opponents or demands resignation of Syrian leader's intransigence which will be an opportunity to remedy it.

Further events will develop according to the Iraqi or Libyan scenario with all the consequences.

Agreed, the plan is quite simple to implement and solve all problems at one stroke American. Moreover, almost no Russian intervention left the Rothschild-Rockefeller business in the Middle East are no alternatives.

To hide the crime organization Russia as Ostap Bender in Vasyuki was proposed a series of provocations, a la eighteen Spanish parties, with almost identical first move E2 - E4.

With regard to the second point, there is no policy more discredited in the past year than Frau Merkel. Migration chaos in Europe is rightly connected with the ostrich policy of Germany, eliminate the problem and let it take its course. In such circumstances, the awarding kantslerin looks like outright mockery. As the State Department would not spend money on an empty mockery, hence the title granted to Ms. Angela deliberately. For what services? And for the ones that make the European Union because of the refugees on the brink of death.

Unfortunately, recent evidence suggests that the inglorious death of the EU - is just the beginning. Migration crisis led to a sharp criminalization of Europe. Somehow, miraculously leaders LIH-Daishev without any obstacles were in the Old World, not drowned in the Mediterranean Sea and detained at the barbed wire at the borders.

In the chaos any region could become a flashpoint. There are fears that the next will not Saudi Arabia and Qatar, as well vvergutaya into the abyss of a violent Islamization of Europe. Simply put, with the destruction of East LIH quietly move into the European Union. But Merkel has done everything to make this possible.

Now what prevents implement these wonderful plans?

One only Russia, its people and its president.

This is known and the dark forces. Therefore, the fight for Syria so violently and brutally.

Still, "our friends", for all its sophistication in brainstorming, sometimes childishly naive. Self-confident New vasyukintsy trying to impose on Putin simul, forgetting that this time are not dealing with Ostap Ibrahimovic, but the Great Grand Master.

And unprofessional amateurs to compete with dark eighteen Spanish parties futile.

He won all the eighteen and set a common mat.

Julia Brazhnikova
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