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Guardian: Britain considers Iraq's invasion of Kuwait a chance to sell weapons

Guardian: Britain considers Iraq's invasion of Kuwait a chance to sell weapons

Tags:United Kingdom, Arms, Weapons, Kuwait, War, USA, Middle East, Iraq

According to the declassified documents of the National Archives of the United Kingdom, the British government viewed Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990 as an "unprecedented opportunity" to sell weapons to the Gulf states.

"Whatever deployment policy we adopt, this is an unprecedented opportunity for DESO (the Department of Defense Export Administration)," wrote in August 1990, the United Kingdom's military procurement minister, Alan Clark, to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher about her trip to the Gulf countries, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Guardian.

As the publication notes "an unprecedented opportunity," Clarke calls the expected response of the US and its allies to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

According to the publication, the documents also show that Clark used meetings with the emir of Qatar and the Minister of Defense of Bahrain to promote arms exports, and also called the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan potential buyers. Among the possible orders was the delivery of UAE helicopters such as Westland Black Hawk, Challenger II tanks to Oman, Hawk fighters to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia's air-cushion ships.

Clark also believed that the transfer of intelligence information to the countries of the Persian Gulf shortly before the war 1990 year - a useful market tool for the arms industry, the newspaper said.

"The war was an incentive to sell weapons to the region,

- the publication states.

Recall, in May, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice admitted that the US invaded Iraq in 2003 year not to establish democracy in this country, but to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

It should be noted that after the American invasion of Iraq, a civil war began in the country, Islamists rushed into the country, which ultimately led to the emergence of the "Islamic state."

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