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10.03.2017 - 19: 13

Where does the money allocated to the settlement of the Greek immigration crisis?

The British edition of «Guardian» criticized Greece's policy on the settlement of migration crisis.

"Out of every 100 dollars in aid allocated for the settlement of the refugee problem, only 30 dollars are used for other purposes", - says the article.

The newspaper published an article entitled "Where does the money that stand out Greece?", In which the author recalls that at the time of acute crisis of migration to Greece over 57 000 arrived migrants. In order to assist those in need in the country and thousands of volunteers arrived international humanitarian organizations, and the rescue of the people has become one of the most expensive in the past decade.

According to the evaluation edition of experts, all of Greece was allocated 803 million euros. Most of the European Commission provides assistance, which has taken responsibility for asylum, as well as the Internal Security Fund. Both organizations have allocated an amount of 541 million euros. The rest of the aid - private donations and funds from international humanitarian organizations. According to the author, these funds should be sufficient for the needs of all the refugees who arrived in the EU through the Greek-Turkish border. Based on the available data, an average of one refugee has been allocated 780 dollars.

The article highlights that despite all efforts, migrants who remained in Greece, living in poor conditions, and that the construction of the centers is progressing very slowly.

2015 was marked for Europe repeatedly increasing flow of migrants and refugees from the Middle East and Africa. This migration crisis, or else it is called the European migration crisis, the European Commission has already recognized the biggest since the Second World War. According to the UN refugee agency, the number of people who, because of conflicts and crisis situations were forced to leave their homes, exceeds 50 million. It is noted that most of these problems affect the Syrians.

A source: newsbomb

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