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The careless cleaning of the ancient mosaic in Paphos was publicized

The careless cleaning of the ancient mosaic in Paphos was publicized

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The Cyprus Department of Antiquities said on Wednesday that cleaning the finest mosaic in Kato Pafos with a metal scoop and broom was "a bad idea" and contradicted the instructions.

Last week, on the official page of the social network of Paphos Archaeological Park, a photograph was published, in which a cleaning woman in sneakers sweeps a mosaic that for more than two thousand years uses a normal brush and collects dust into a metal scoop. It is worth noting that the Paphos Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The photo became viral and quickly spread across the Internet. Users recognized the cleaning lady shown in the photo.

"I saw this woman also cleaned in the parking lot and in the toilet. Scoop and brush were the same! "Resents one of the facebook users.

On Wednesday, the park management issued a statement that the mosaic floors are cleaned with a plastic brush and a plastic shovel, under strict supervision.

"Cleaning takes place once a week. Such a method is a standard practice that is used all over the world. The use of a metal shovel was an unfortunate undertaking and contradicted the leadership's instructions. Surveillance of the work on the site of archaeological excavations, in particular UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the Paphos Archaeological Park, is the main goal of the Cyprus Department of Antiquities, "the statement said.

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