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Chemical fakie: as the "White Helmets" terrorists attempted to substitute the CAA in Aleppo and Idlib

Translation articles Terrorist Confesses to Working with White Helmets in Aleppo ( «The terrorist confessed to collaboration with the" White Helmets "in Aleppo") published Tasnim News Agency.

Terrorist Walid Al-Hendy admitted that he participated in the production of videos and pictures for Turkish TV channel, working with so-called "White Helmets". Photos depicting the neighborhoods and districts in Aleppo, attacked with chemical weapons, designed to lay the blame on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

On Saturday night, there were recognition of Al-Hendy broadcast of Syrian TV, which said that three years ago joined the "White Helmets", in exchange for funds from the so-called "local council" news from the Arab world, according to the Syrian news agency SANA.

He said that they were told about the preparation of chemical attacks, issued protective clothing, and then under the gun cameras Turkish journalists was initiated by spraying toxic substances. Al-Hendy added that they "included siren and pulled the stretcher to transport the alleged victims in order to publish the video on the Internet and to discredit the Syrian forces," all the "action" shot two men - Ibrahim al-Hajj and Mohammed Al-Sayed.

The Russian diplomatic and military sources 4 May it was reported that journalists working for the agency Qatari Al Jazeera, removed feykovye chemical attack on civilians in Idlib province, to accuse the Syrian army.

Reporters removed feykovye chemical attack on Idlib to accuse the Syrian army

In turn, another terrorist - Imad Abdeldzhavad - made a similar recognition, noting that terrorists in Aleppo have toxic chemicals, and he was involved in transporting them.

Abdeldzhavad said that once he was asked to move from the area of ​​Al Sukkar in the nearby Al-Ameria "cleaners", as they are called, to hide the fact that is actually transported hazardous chemicals. Unloaded the materials of the two cars, and starting to unload the third, he was wondering what they were transporting, because the smell was very annoying, especially given that he suffered from asthma.

Then, the gunman said he saw people in a silver dress - protective masks and long boots - transferred materials in the basement, and through the window we could see how they open the barrel and poured out their liquid into the cylinders. When the person in charge of the terrorists said that Abdeldzhavad and his colleagues look out the window, he expelled them and deprived the right to bear arms.

Back in January, while combing the old urban neighborhoods in Aleppo military engineering units discovered abandoned chemical materials by terrorists of Saudi origin, which include sulfur, chlorine and other materials.

A source: Federal Agency News

Author: Alexei Gromov

Tags: Syria chemical weapons, war in the Middle East, Action, Middle East

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