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"Chemical show" criticized for hack-work

The death of civilians in Syria from air strikes of the American coalition remained almost imperceptible against the backdrop of loud statements by the local opposition about "chemical attacks of the Assad regime" and production videos on the same topic. Damascus threatens the "response" of the allies in case the US continues the acts of aggression. Why did the new "chemical show" series begin to appear right now?

At least nine civilians died in the Syrian province of Hasek as a result of an air strike by a coalition led by the United States. This was reported on Tuesday by the Syrian state news agency SANA. Only last week, victims of US Air Force and its allies' attacks were more than 90 Syrians, most of whom are women and children, TASS states.

Against this background, the West continues what the Russian Foreign Ministry called a "chemical show." This is confirmed by another report on the "use of poison gas" in East Gut, a suburb of Damascus, the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova said.

In Damascus, the Americans were threatened with an "answer" from Syria's allies - in case the United States strikes again. Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad told the Iranian FARS agency: "The United States should" carefully consider possible reactions, and they should know that the response of Syria and its allies will not be the same as after the first act of aggression. "

"The first act of aggression" is an American air attack on the Syrian air base Shirat. The attack was carried out after unreasonable accusations of "using chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhun." The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), we recall, actually refused to conduct an on-site check in order to establish the truth.

The Foreign Ministry estimated the impeccable English of the Syrian oppositionists

The reason for the new speculations about the "chemical weapons of the Assad regime" was the entry in Twitter of the "Free Syrian Army."

The "general command" of the armed opposition groups reported: "the Assad regime" allegedly again used toxic chlorine gas in the Zamalka and Ain Tarma areas in the vicinity of East Guta.

According to the opposition, the attack occurred 2 July in the Zamalka area. As a result, 10 people suffered, in whom symptoms of suffocation were observed, say SSA representatives.

Maria Zakharova noted that the press release of SCA, scanned and posted on Twitter, was nothing more than a "piece of paper, drawn up according to all the canons of the work of Western press services." "Especially I want to mention the impeccable English language," the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"This language is written resolutions of the UN Security Council and other international documents. It's not colloquial English ... it's the language of international legal communication, "Zakharova remarked. - These phrases will then be offered by Western colleagues for work, for example, on the statement of the chairman of the Security Council condemning the "chemical attacks of the regime against civilians."

At the level of amateur art

The organizers of the show supported their statements with video materials. Last weekend, a video appeared on the Net with the alleged "victims" of the Himataki in Syria. In a video posted on Twitter, it is about the alleged use of chlorine. For humans, we note that this gas is fatal, it affects the respiratory tract. However, the "victims" of this "attack" are young and strong men. The video shows that they lie with their eyes closed on the couches and do not experience seizures (which would be characteristic of chlorine poisoning), they have a healthy complexion, there is no spasmodic cough and foam from the mouth.

"There will be more such videos," Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova said. - They will be different in quality performance. And as low-grade as this, and Hollywood level. " Earlier Zakharova warned about the upcoming attempts by militants to stage allegedly the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government army.

Damascus has nothing to "chemical attacks"

The command of the government Syrian Arab Army (AAA) does not deny that the troops were active in East Gut. This was announced as early as 1 June.

"Affected" from the actions of government troops were the militants of the Islamist group "Failak ar-Rahman", part of the "Syrian Free Army" (and "sometimes cooperating" with pro-Saudi jihadists from "Jays al-Islam").

It was Islamists from the "Failak Ar-Rahman" who claimed that chlorine was used against them in the Ain Tarma area. "The command of the Armed Forces of Syria, refuting these slanderous statements, emphasizes that the Syrian army has never used chemical weapons in the past against bandit formations and will not do it now," the statement of the Syrian Armed Forces emphasizes.

The reason for this non-use is understandable, and it is recalled in the message - Damascus does not possess chemical weapons. The stocks of this weapon were successfully exported from Syria by July of 2015. In January 2016, the OPCW confirmed the complete elimination of the Syrian arsenal.

Assad is unprofitable to put himself in the position of an outcast

"Assad is the last of all participants in this conflict who is interested in the use of chemical weapons," Oleg Morozov, a member of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs, commented to the newspaper VZGLYAD.

The senator recalled that this would be a suicidal step for Assad. This would put him in a position of an outcast in the face of including Russia, which was the guarantor of the elimination of Syrian chemical weapons. Recall that it was thanks to the talks between Moscow and Washington that the UN Security Council resolution 2118 was adopted. This document ordered Damascus to liquidate the arsenal of chemical weapons and thereby deprived the US of a formal reason for aggression against the "Syrian regime."

The "customers" of the present provocations are obvious, in the opinion of Senator Morozov. "There is no SSA as an independent military-political institution. It would have been defeated long ago if it had not been for the assistance of the American coalition, Arab regimes, as well as IGIL *, "Djebhat an-Nusra," which are closing and intertwining with the SSA, "the interlocutor stressed. "It is quite clear that the SSA is playing on notes that are written not only in Syria."

"The so-called" Free Syrian Army "is a client of the Americans," Yevgeny Satanovsky, president of the Middle East Institute, commented to the newspaper VZGLYAD. - The Americans have long and aggressively said that, according to them, Assad is about to use chemical weapons. Thus, even their most stupid clients realized that it was necessary - a blow to Assad should be inflicted. Honest president of America - it does not matter, Obama or Trump - must fulfill the order for the liquidation of Assad. "

Provocation is needed to break the current offensive

There is a "normal provocation" - from the number of those who already noted the "Free Army", said Satanovsky. This kind of provocation took place during the liberation of Aleppo and about the "use of chemical weapons," and "in the situation with the unhappy boy," the expert added.

The Syrian troops have an offensive phase, they reach the Iraqi border. "This is wildly irritating to Americans who have weak local allies: no matter how much they train, there will not be any sense," the expert explained his point of view.

Military expediency of using chemical weapons in Assad is absent, said Senator Oleg Morozov. He recalled that the Syrian president agreed to the creation of zones of de-escalation, therefore, Damascus acts in line with political regulation.

"So either the militants controlled by the Saudis will blow up anything with chlorine or mustard gas, or simply lie down," added Satanovsky. The world community, in the person of American allies, will certainly close their eyes and confirm everything. "If tomorrow we hear that Assad blew up an atomic bomb, no one will demand to prove it," the source stressed.

* Organization, in respect of which the court accepted an inured decision on liquidation or prohibition of the activity on the grounds provided the Federal Law "On Countering Extremist Activity"

A source: LOOK

Author: Marina Baltachevo, Michael Moshkin

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