Today: December 16 2018
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Good weather in Cyprus has significantly reduced the cost of fruits and vegetables

Good weather in Cyprus has significantly reduced the cost of fruits and vegetables

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In 2018, there is a decline in prices for vegetables and some fruits. This change is due to good weather conditions, which contribute to an increase in crop growth.

To date, in Cyprus supermarkets there is a large number of village products at very low prices. Greenhouse cucumber can be bought at 10 times cheaper than in 2017 year. Last year, this cucumber cost 3,00 euro / kg, this year - 0,30 euro / kg.

Regarding field cucumbers, last year they cost 4,00 euro / kg, this year the price is reduced to 1,80 euro / kg. The price for tomatoes this year is not much reduced - just 10 cents: last year they cost 1,50 euro / kg, in 2018 year - 1,40 euro / kg. The price for black eggplants, compared to 2017 year, is reduced exactly by two times: from 3,00 euro / kg to 1,50 euro / kg. Beans are sold at a price of 3,75 euro / kg, while in the 2017 year they were sold at 5,50 euro / kg.

Also significantly reduced prices for peppers, artichokes, broccoli and carrots, reports Philenews. Prices for fruits are almost the same as last year. Mandarins and oranges are sold at last year's price - 1,20 euro / kg. Although the price of bananas fell to 0,70 euro / kg (in 2017, the price was 1,20 euro / kg).

Elena Savchenko
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