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Going in circles: why talks in Geneva without the Kurds are doomed to failure

Russia stands for the Kurds participated in the negotiations in Geneva mezhsiriyskih, considering that is unlikely to be effective and fair, without representatives of the major political forces to discuss the settlement of the problems in a country torn by civil war. The position of the Russian Foreign Ministry on this issue voiced by Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

"Until now, rather than the issue of the representation of the Kurds We would like to have been involved representatives of the Kurds.", - Said Mikhail Bogdanov on the sidelines of the conference. "When the Middle East will come tomorrow?", Organized by the International Discussion Club "Valdai".

A similar view is shared by Russia's permanent representative to UN Geneva Department Alexey Borodavkin.

"We have always been and continue to advocate that in the talks attended by Syrian Kurds Kurds in Syria -. This large minority political force, a large military force in the Syrian land, after all they are citizens of the Syrian Republic and have the right to participate in determining the fate of of the country ", - said Wartkin.

Syrian Kurds themselves a week before the start of the conference in Geneva declared their readiness to take part in it.

"If the invitation is, we will take part if the invitation is not, then we will continue to build its system on, but will not be obliged to execute the decisions that will be taken without us." - He said at a conference in Moscow on Kurdish party co-chairman of the "Democratic Union "Assia Abdullah.

The need for the participation of Kurds in talks mezhsiriyskih support and prominent representatives of internal Syrian opposition - in particular, Qadri Jamil, who believes that their absence in Geneva, contrary to United Nations Security Council decision also undermines the negotiation process.

The force with which to be reckoned

Officially, the Kurdish political organization on mezhsiriyskih Geneva talks are not represented. The delegation of the Supreme Committee for the Negotiation (WCP) Syrian opposition consists of one representative of the Kurds, but such participation in the Geneva dialogue Kurdish politicians consider disproportionate.

Kurdish defense forces control the northern and north-eastern regions of Syria - in total, from the 500 800 kilometers across the Syrian-Turkish border. At the same time they are fighting better than many other parties to the conflict, constantly expanding the area occupied by them.

Kurdish troops receive military aid and from Russia, and from the western coalition. Today they are just 50 kilometers from Raqqa - "capital" of the IG (extremist terrorist organization banned in Russia - Ed.)., which they consider to be their main enemy. Kurds seek recognition by official Syrian authorities of their autonomy. Not conducting combat operations against President Bashar Assad's troops, they are nevertheless more than a year ago in the north declared its autonomy under the name Rozhava.

The Russian side expresses the need of participation of Kurdish representatives in the Geneva talks from their very beginning. However, all previous rounds of negotiations, including the "Geneva-3", which took place a year ago, have been without them. Then, the Kurdish delegation arrived in Geneva, but it left her, and not waiting for an invitation. After that, the party "Democratic Alliance" has declared, that does not recognize the outcome of the negotiations.

The battle for water

Kurdish self-defense units are under the control of the party "Democratic Union" affiliated with "Workers' Party" (PKK). That is why the strongly against their participation in the dialogue mezhsiriyskom stands Turkey, and this intransigent position is very difficult the whole negotiation process, the director of Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia Semen Bagdasarov.

"Kurdish groups account for up to 50 thousand armed men, plus about 20 thousand - the number of allied troops Assyrians, Armenians, Turkmen, Alevi and other ethnic and religious minorities This is a real military force, which holds the key not only 70% of the Syrian-Turkish border, but also. most of the water resources of the Euphrates river, which is crucial for the whole of Syria talks without a hopeless "-. Bagdasarov said.

According to the analyst, now northern Syria unfolds new big battle - for water. Ankara intends to take all of these areas under its control and to push the Kurds from their positions. However, this does not suit Damascus and when the government troops will be able to join forces with Kurdish troops, it may occur big new clashes between Turkish forces and participating in the "Shield of the Euphrates" operation.

What is permitted to Jupiter ...

Russia is interested in attracting the Kurds to mezhsiriyskim negotiations for a number of reasons. They act in Syria rather serious power, and have in recent years there has been some controversy with the United States. In Moscow's interests to exploit this situation and to achieve closer cooperation with the Kurds, says Associate Professor of Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation Gevorg Mirzayan. However, this is very serious obstacle to Turkey's position, he said.

Ankara opposes involvement in negotiating the Kurdish leaders are also due to several reasons. In addition to competition in the control of the northern Syrian territory and the waters of the Euphrates, it is far from unfounded fears that federalization of Syria's Kurds and the acquisition of its national public education could seriously threaten the territorial integrity of Turkey itself, the analyst.

"As a result, Russia today, choosing between the Kurds and Ankara, forced leaning towards the Turkish support. This choice is due and the recent normalization of relations with Turkey and that it failed to persuade to abandon the Syrian opposition support and join the peace process in Syria. It is really a great achievement, which Moscow is trying in every way to save, "- said Gevorg Mirzayan.

Meanwhile, disagreements between Turkey and Iran is saved, and Russia has to act as a mediator in resolving them, he recalls.

"The Kremlin is well aware that it is not necessary without the participation of the Kurds to talk about termination of the Syrian civil war. However, categorically insist Russia is not on this their position as taken by it on the role of mediator Syrian peace process does not allow Moscow unequivocally adhere to any one of the conflicting parties - the mediator must take into account the interests and positions of all parties, "- says Gevorg Mirzayan.

Thus, in his opinion, Russia is unlikely to continue to indicate clearly its position. However, if the Russian position on the Kurdish participation in mezhsiriyskih negotiations will continue to be ignored, and the success of the negotiations in the foreseeable future is unlikely to be actually achieved.

A source: RIA News

Author: Vladimir Arda

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