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Are we Christians?

Are we Christians?

Tags: Religion, Christianity

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!

Following the path to salvation, we need to keep in mind that our main task is not to correct the world around us, but to correct ourselves, and then we can really bring real benefits to people.

Every year, the number of believers and church people increases in Russia. Very often in a personal conversation you can hear how many confidently call themselves Christians. Indeed, in our state, with the greatest predominance in the religious sphere, orthodox Christianity leads, and many citizens in the most essential sense call themselves Christians.

But, as the objective reality shows, the situation with the real imposition of the Christian name on himself is different. We are talking about those people who took on the great title of a Christian, fulfill all religious orders, live a church life: attend worship services, observe fasts - but in their deeds and deeds they adhere to the teachings of the views far removed from Christ. But, as the Lord says, the tree is known by its fruits (Matthew 12: 33).

In our everyday life, each item gets its name from its creator and, accordingly, has its purpose. Hence comes the understanding that every object must correspond to its purpose in order to fulfill the will of its creator. Christ is the Creator of a special people who call themselves Christians. And, of course, a priori, the life of this people should be built according to the precepts and commandments that were laid in the foundation of Christ's teaching.

But let's face it. Let's put ourselves before God and in the depths of our soul we will ask: "Are we Christians? Do we live as Christ commanded us? Do we follow the same path as He does? What efforts are being taken not to stray from His flock? What god do we serve now? "And if we carry out a thorough analysis of our Christian life, we will see that we have long ago moved away from those standards that were commanded to us.

Our Christianity is only one continuous selfish feeling directed at satisfying our religious needs

A modern Christian seeks comfort, opportunism and compromise with the modern world. Wherever you look, some serve themselves, other money, the third person. Many Christians do not want to realize that the path of their earthly life is through Golgotha, and the culmination of this path will be the ascent to the cross.

In itself, travel for the traveler is not something comfortable: he is hiding from the scorching sun heat, he is constantly in search of food, not to starve, he is looking for a warm place, not to freeze to death, he is trying to find clean sources to not to die of thirst. So Christians are constantly under the scorching rays of difficulties, sorrows, trials. Feel the constant cold of human hearts and indifference. And they find special consolation in ecstasy from the sources of the water of life, coming from God and his holy saints.

Every Christian who is going on a journey does this solely by his own will and understands what a long distance he has to overcome and with what difficulties to face. But he also realizes that this way is forged by the footsteps of millions of saints and righteous people, and therefore road obstacles should not cause him embarrassment.

But today we see absolutely the opposite. Christians easily abandon their great vocation and, if they want to follow Christ, then with the least expenditure of time and effort. With what ease we have forgotten the words of the Savior: In the world you will have tribulation; but take heart: I have overcome the world (John 16: 33)! Where is our courage, where is our courage in this difficult battle? But the Monk Nicodemus of the Sacred Heart recommends incessantly and courageously to lead invisible warfare - that is, the war [1]. It is courage that presupposes perseverance, strength of spirit, courage not only in transferring external life factors, but also in the internal struggle with one's passions, in the struggle for self-possession.

The voice of Christ remains unheard, dissolving in the rumble of the ecstatic voices of Christians

Not only do we renounce Christ, we by our actions and deeds try to trample the treasure of the Divine teaching. Let's remember the life of Christ. At least one cry left Him unheard? At least one request was left by Him unfulfilled? No, Christ was responsive to every person. Grief and illness of another person He perceived as His personal tragedy. He truly rejoiced with the rejoicing and cried with the weeping. No tragedy, no grief, no disease is hidden from His Almighty gaze. During His time on earth, Christ was so busy with the problems of people that sometimes He or his disciples did not have enough time for personal leisure, and what to say, even to fulfill their natural needs for food, drink and sleep.

Do we find today among people who call themselves Christians such self-sacrifice and love for their neighbor? But he who does not love his brother does not love God at the word of the holy Apostle John the Theologian: He who says, "I love God," but hates his brother, is a liar: for he that does not love his brother whom he sees, how he can love God, whom he does not sees? (1 In. 4: 20). And then what happens? Remains from our Christianity is only one continuous selfish feeling directed at satisfying one's religious needs.

Temples are overflowed, solemnly divine service, tears of joy and tenderness cause wonderful spiritual songs, the word of the pastor inspires the parishioners. From the pages of the Divine Gospel the powerful and meek voice of Christ comes to life again. As well as two thousand years ago, He again speaks to us face to face. He teaches us love, mercy and compassion for one's neighbor. And, it would seem, what is incomprehensible here? The service ended, and, in theory, the theory heard should be fixed in practice. The Lord himself descends in the form of a beggar, a suffering, a crying, a homeless. He with an outstretched hand and a pitying cry for help tearfully appeals to the Christians: "Help the kind people, for the glory of God! Help for the sake of Christ! "But, unfortunately, His voice remains unheeded, dissolving in the rumble of the enthusiastic voices of Christians. And refusal to help a sick or hungry, according to the word of the righteous John of Kronstadt, is akin to killing [2].

In everyday life it is useless to turn to a Christian for help. In 99 cases from 100 it will not help

And this is not the most striking example. In everyday life (and this is tested in practice) it is useless to turn to a Christian for help. In 99 cases from 100 it does not help. The only thing you can hear from him is the well-known words: "Humble yourself, brother, it means it's your cross." Sometimes it comes to an incredible banality - non-church people are more responsive than those who go to the temple. And what would Christ do? And He certainly, immediately helped!

Sometimes non-church people are more responsive than those who go to the temple

Christianity is the religion of love, and this is an eternal axiom! Christians will always swim against the current. The life of a Christian always ends in a crucifixion. It would be desirable for the Christian revival to be marked by an appeal to the person of Christ and His eternal eternal truths and would be removed from all human errors, devices and distortions.

It would be desirable, that the Christian in all his words, deeds and actions acted exclusively from the position of the Gospel and the personal example of Christ. And he also studied with the example of the saints, because, as the psalmist David writes, the Reverend will be reincarnated (Psalm 17: 26).

By his own forces, it is impossible to fulfill the mission of a Christian to the end. But the impossible to man is possible to the Almighty God, therefore the believer in Christ and His Almighty will always be calm, because he is not alone, with him is His Savior! With him the Most Holy Theotokos! With him is the holy archbishop of Savva of Serbia, whose memory today is celebrated by the Holy Church! And with him all the saints! Amen.

[1] Nicodemus of the Holy Trinity, Rev. The Invisible Wrangle / Trans. with the Greek. St. Theophan the Recluse. - 7 ed. - M .: Publishing House of the Sretensky Monastery, 2016. - С.74.

[2] Azbuka.Ru. Righteous John of Kronstadt. Symphony of the works of the holy righteous John of Kronstadt (URL: https: // ..., date of circulation: 15.01.2018 years

Alexey Andreev, a student of the 3 undergraduate program
Sretensky Theological Seminary
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