Today: November 19 2018
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Christ Stylianides: joint statement is agreed until

Christ Stylianides: joint statement is agreed until

Tags: The Cyprus issue, Turkey, Politics, Anastasiadis, UN

President Nikos Anastasiadis presided 9 December Council meeting of leaders of political parties in the Presidential Palace.

Government spokesman Cyprus Christos Stylianides said after the meeting that results in achieving a joint communique has been reached.

He said that "We are currently in the process of discussion," adding that the international community help in this direction.

Stylianides said two-three papers were presented, but not in the United Nations. He added that the party leaders were fully informed about all the details of certain documents that were discussed.

He added that when it comes to the Cyprus problem, "we have learned from experience that we can be very close and at the same time too far from reaching an agreement. Even one word can change a lot. "

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