Today: March 19 2019
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"And the whole little Paris" or planetary battle with moron

Tags: Opinions, France, terrorism, the EU, Germany, Middle East, USA, Refugees, Migration, Syria, IG

Title "See Paris and die" would be too vulgar, although suited to the sense ... On the night of November 13 14 on in Paris at the same time 7-8 ground attacks on humans have occurred, hostage-taking, murder suicide bombing suicide bombers. Killed more than 150 people in France declared a state of emergency, the army entered Paris, the French border, is temporarily closed. This is one aspect of what is happening. The second is that even now in France (Calais) burning refugee camp that flooded France ...

There are many questions. One of the questions is based on the fact that the terrorists who staged a massacre in the streets of Paris, there were some French too ... Many witnesses say quite European features (quote "persons rather white"), good French and other signs that that it does not newcomers to France people refugees. The responsibility for the killings immediately took over the so-called IG ... What does this mean?

Firstly, this whole IG begins to resemble a bad script for a James Bond movie. Only instead of the ubiquitous organization "Spectrum" strange organization IG, which is positioned not just an organization, but a sort of network state. Meanwhile, the state there is only one word in the title ...

Secondly, an indicative moment in the Paris events, in order to arrange a large-scale carnage, in general, one does not need to flaunt the great. You do not need to destroy skyscrapers, seize and destroy aircraft, breaking through the echeloned aviation security system does not need a nuclear bomb ... The less powerful the attackers, the less likely they can be found before they begin. The world is arranged so that everything big and expensive involves too many people and interests. Almost certainly among them there will be conflicts, and agents of special services. All this eventually leads to the fact that even at the stage of the plan, the attackers fall under the hood ... But the small-ambitious, completely crazy, suicidal attacks are virtually impossible to prevent. Unless, of course, to introduce concentration camps. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Third, the responsibility assumed IG. Devil evil. The organization, which is not much remembered but clips of the video with the murders of hostages and savage bullying.

Presumably, they are gaining the sympathy of the audience? It was not in the history of planet Earth, even a truly totalitarian and brutal regimes that have exposed yourself fiend. Even the German Nazis, who actually started the slaughter on a planetary scale, and no different to the enemies of humanism ... Nazism, being armed with completely anti-humanistic ideology that refuses to part of humanity's right to life ... So even this dangerous regime and he tried in every way to put their enemies of fanatics and murderers, and myself on the other hand - the Knights of Good.

Intimidation is always practiced, but this intimidation should not be associated with the fact that Evil triumphs, but with the fact that the enemies will be destroyed. The fact that the IG is used to propagate its power (now a million views on Youtube is a step towards world domination :) is used only by absolutely barbaric gangs that are actually engaged in self-destruction ... Yes, before ingloriously perishing, they are doing a lot of evil, but the end for such assassins and the fanatics are always the same - a shameful death. It's strange, but it's true. As the great used to say: two things do not cease to amaze, the stars above and the moral law within us.

If, without esoterics and philosophy, the point is that fear can not be a lasting means of control. It's not enough that they get used to it emotionally, so even fear constantly irritates and makes you look for ways to eliminate the causes of fear. Therefore, organizations based on brutality and intimidation have a short life and can never cross a certain quantitative value. It is always a small, violent gang with a sadist at the head and stupid aggressive rams on his short leash. They can not do anything scale for very, very fundamental reasons ... Meanwhile, we have been talking about the IG for about a year now with just such a background.

And these here are the characters from the wrong script in any way discourage the whole country in the Middle East? And then another, and revenge Europeans? Watery somehow take revenge, to be honest ... It's a cynical, but it is. Ridiculous it against Europe. We may have forgotten, but Europe has never been defenseless. If you still think so today the whole world is living by the rules, who were born in Europe. And they planted the rest of the world, not only preachers, but with fire and steel. That way unnecessary cruelty in the past, today makes Europeans moving to repent for past achievements ...

The massacre in Paris, served by many as a sign of globality and power of the IG. What nonsense! Find loonies 20 20 and equip them with guns - it is a global problem? Of course, to go in the evening to calm Parisian street, and pull the trigger machine - here it is very difficult in terms of technology? No. It's simple. Frighteningly simple. It can make any street gang, but even an ordinary crime understands that this is a road to nowhere, and it's just over one - destroy them like rats, and the IG, which claims to world domination makes any bloody installation ...

"For Syria!" Cried the terrorists and fired from automatic weapons. Well nifiga imagine a rebuff against the background of aviation bombing and reluctance to introduce troops only because of laziness to persuade their parliaments ... I remember a few years, some resident of Africa came to the UK and barbarously cut off the English soldier's head right on the English land. It looked horrific, but ... what does it change, except that the average person after such events will not even brow at the news of the destruction of entire villages of Aborigines? Although yesterday he would have said indignantly, well, that's too much, gentlemen. You can not ... But now you can.

Europe, the US and Russia, if desired, tomorrow all the entire Middle East could send to 10 centuries ago ... Well, or come up with some other version of "final decision." Then together so far. Years through 300.

Only a complete moron could poke toothpicks up nuclear monster with modern weapons, multiple armies and experience of military battles indeed planetary scale. And among the European companies there are also supporters of Hitler, who had long been hinting that too many non-Aryans in the world ... Well, you know something like this run up to the tank and shoot him with a slingshot, shouting various intolerance. Act moron. It turns out in the IG morons? Then why do we still have not put on this point?

The French in the public mind sometimes appear a sort of giddy butterflies constantly zhruschey krusassany and having a thin vulnerable mentality. Disappoint. French is very militant, who can stand up for themselves a nation. Yes, lately, a little reflective past cruelty ... But it passes quickly when the French begin to kill. Well, yesterday, the French would probably be against en masse against cleaning bombings in the Middle East. Today, no longer opposed. For it is for what.

In general, I will not spread the thought of the tree .... There is an opinion that the whole story with the IG is a great statement. Everything there is artificial and serving someone's interests in Europe or the US. And all these cruel terrorists, the number of victims from which probably will not greatly change even the statistics of victims of road accidents in France, are all pawns in some highly thought-out game. Why are they pushing Europe? To a massive invasion of the Middle East? To the expulsion of refugees from France? Or to a new round of super-totalitarian control over citizens? It's strange, but even such brutal actions can be on the scale of the country and the world aimed at good (by somebody's opinion) goal. Well imagine, there is an ultra-right French politician, who already feels at one place that even a little bit more and Great France will perish under the yoke of fast-growing refugees and will be destroyed by an alien culture. And the poor French do not understand this in any way ...

I do not know about you, but I do not see a fundamental technological problem in the search for especially freaked out on the hatred of France psycho, who need to say "FAS", provide them with weapons, Che-strings yet, and now psyches are being shot by innocent people. But the next morning France will seriously think about the need for refugees and multiculturalism ... Impossible course of thought. Well, you ... On the contrary, a typical example of European thinking. The same example can serve as the same Breivik. He did not kill me with hatred. And if necessary, as it seemed to him. The effect was exactly the opposite, but it's only on the meanness of Breivik.

On the other hand, right-wing Frenchman kills French ... Well, in theory it should be a pity compatriots. However, first, for a great purpose, and you can suffer. And secondly, it can be ultrpravy German, for example. So generally user-friendly. The Germans themselves can not say that they have got the pan-European tolerantizm (for say, yeah - Nazism raises his head), but after the French and the update can be a problem. Fortunately now the European Union and the borders are transparent ...

Hundreds of options. I do not even bring out of laziness, but simply mnogobukv. I think you and everything is clear ... formulate it. What does the IG - it's so senseless and suicidal, it can not be the targets of those who hypothetically could organize such an organization, based on the independence of the IG version, not artificial. Who is funding the IG? You begin to understand, and they are all puppets of Washington ... Perfectly well.

Paris events today objectively only mobilized Europe and gave the moral right to conduct any kind of rigidity of actions aimed at the interests of Europe. And as in Europe, and in all regions, which Europe considers important for itself. Europe will take advantage of this or not use it - a question. By the way, the variant is extremely interesting if it delegates this right to the United States. Well, those as always ... Or on the contrary - Russia. Or in general, there will now be an interesting situation when the United States, Russia and Europe will start competing for the right to finalize the issue. In any case, if it harms anyone, it is primarily the Middle East peoples. They will be extras in this play in such a mess, with their economies and armies. About the miserable terrorists do not say. This has nothing to catch in the future repartition of the world. We must understand that the so-called. terrorism exists only because of the excess of humanism of regular armies and states. This few people can understand, but it is.

I understand that such a state and that this capital. I understand that the orders in the world today are defined not only by states, but also the holders of capital. And I understand that is not always objective and holders of capital are the same. However, we can not say that they are antagonists. Genesis is this - the world is governed gosdarstva and states - capitals. Ideology and votetovotvse - a tool generally improve the efficiency of capital and the state, and not the main factor.

Therefore, only one question. IG there. Although all logic can not exist in defiance of the most powerful nations of the world and holders of the capital. But for some reason there is even almost managed to chop off polSirii have legitimate ruler ... What does this mean? Only one unfortunately - some state and some equity holder supports, nurtures and cherishes it nedoislamskoe nedogosudarstvo.

It is obvious that occur around the world events are the consequence of a cynical, hypocritical, reckless US policy and Europe's position limp. Here, more than ever relevant words of Russian President Vladimir Putin: "Do you realize what you've done?" ...

Of all the countries that can influence world events, only Russia conducts an understandable and logical policy. Europe has become so dependent on the United States that it has forgotten where its interests are. The United States, in my opinion, does not understand much of what is happening in our half of the world. I am not kidding. With such opportunities, the United States could do more mischief if it acted purposefully. However, their actions look like a sluggish insanity. It is clear that their state machine is manipulated by a multitude of forces, but ... there is an opinion that the US, like the state, is really experiencing a colossal intellectual crisis projecting itself onto Europe and other spheres of influence of this mighty neo-empire. The Americans and their partners were playing ...

Paris tragic events, unfortunately, one of the little episodes of truly planetary battle with morons ... disappointing one, we can not win this battle. So? ... So it is necessary for someone as used to say classic.

Eugene Schultz
Blog Eugene Schultz
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