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Peterson Institute evaluated the prospects of reducing the public debt of Greece

Independent American Peterson Institute for International Economics, specializing in public debt issues, analyzed the situation in Greece.

Experts made a number of conclusions concerning the stability and viability of the country's national debt.

"Taking into account all the current economic indicators, as well as fiscal policy, and our experience with other countries, we are convinced of the need to revise the debt", - the report says.

"Recommendations of the Eurogroup, which were given in May 2016 years, can improve the situation - but only if you extend the maturity of debt to 2080 years and to freeze the payment of interest on loans," - said in the article.

"The way out could be a delay of Greece to return to the international markets, as well as the continued support of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) to 2018 years. These restrictions will affect the volume of debt restructuring, and debt levels will be reduced to acceptable performance, "- said in conclusion.

Peterson Institute for International Economics - a private, non-profit, scientific research institute on international economic policy.

The scope of research of the Institute includes the global macro-economic issues, international finance, international trade and related social issues, energy issues and environmental issues, investments, issues of state regulation of the economy, the competitiveness of the United States and other countries and other issues.

A source: newsbomb

Tags: Greece, Economy, Debt

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