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Russian Interests: Can we rely on China?

The events of recent days, after the US attack on the airbase Shayrat once again stepped up in the Russian blogosphere question about who is an ally of Russia. It is too early to say that the Trump surrendered deep state in the United States. Maybe a blow to the Syrian air base, as well as sending an aircraft carrier connections to the shores of North Korea - a ploy to bring down the attack hawks at home and get well-needed respite. Nevertheless, the question remains. Especially because China makes this all occasions.

Let me remind you that two years ago, 12 May 2015, Huanciu Shibao, a subsidiary of the People's Daily, published an article on Russian-Chinese relations with a very significant title - "Partners, Not Allies," which is pretty sober and pragmatically described the approach of the Chinese side to building relations with its northern neighbor.

In particular, the material noted that "the RF and the PRC have repeatedly stated that they are partners, but not allies. The fact that Russia and China are strategic partners is just a widespread worldwide trend of our time. The partnership between Russia and China is in line with the strategic interests of both sides. It not only develops their economic cooperation, but also enhances the sense of security, helps maintain the balance of world forces. However, Russian-Chinese strategic cooperation is not a sufficient external condition for the rise of each country. And that's why they do not want to lose their other friends because of their friendship. "

After the outbreak of the conflict in Syria, one would think that China and Russia are equally perceive a threat to the integrity and legitimacy of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. At the level of claims - yes, China supports the territorial integrity of Syria and Assad. However, this fact is not enough. We need more and deeds. And at this level of China Syrian government almost no real support.

Perhaps this is due to Beijing's commitments to Washington. As the famous sinologist, military intelligence colonel retired Andrey Devyatov: "The Chinese have no such thing as a strategic ally, is the European concept. Western consciousness divides the world into black and white, and the policy is as a party rally in the great chessboard. Working principle of "whoever is not with us is against us." Chinese policy - a card table history. Therefore, the Chinese have: ourselves, our enemies and our allies.

Den Syaopin, Dzhimmi Karter. 1979

The status of the enemy is higher than the status of an ally. The main enemy is the United States. He has the highest status. Therefore G2 is a group of two enemies. In words, the Chinese refused to participate in it, but in fact the group operates, in fact, from 1972 year. Its affairs are connected with an understanding of the role of China and the United States in the processes of economic globalization. Secret agreements on cooperation between China and the United States from January 1979, signed in Washington when Deng Xiaoping went to the US and donned a cowboy hat, is an agreement that there will be no war between them. Thanks to this, China implemented what is officially called the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Unofficially, this is called the transfer of strategic borders beyond the national territory.

1979 secret agreement was concluded on 20 years 1999 in the year it was prolonged for another 20 years. This is an agreement on a constructive cooperation. Now the interaction of China and the United States moved into a stage of interdependence enemies that solve the problem without the use of military force is only slightly pridushivaya each other in an embrace of friendship. Such relationships are more effective than the arrangements under the good-neighborly relations between Russia and China. "

Perhaps it is linked to the almost complete lack of response of China to the US missile strike on the Syrian air base. If the absence of this reaction, it was still possible to understand at a time when Comrade Xi was trampovskom ranch, the lack of adequate response from the first in economic terms world powers later, to put it mildly, incomprehensible. Especially in the context of a joint Russian-Iranian approach:

"As for the Kremlin, the answer to all these numerous statements and movements was a single phone conversation: Vladimir Putin talked with his Iranian counterpart - President Hassan Rouhani. The leaders of the two states condemned the "aggressive actions" of the US and spoke in favor of an unbiased investigation of the chemical weapons incident in Idlib. In fact, the very fact of the conversation with the Iranian leader gives the Kremlin a clear and unequivocal response to all current proposals, accusations and threats from the West: Moscow will not move one iota in the issue of Assad's support and its position on Syria. "

Chinese flag

It turns out that the real, and not just in words, allies in Syria, only two - Russia and Iran. This is supported by the military forces of these countries on the territory of Syria. And where China's military? After all, if Beijing sent 20-30 thousand of his fighters had long for him is not a problem, given the size of its armed forces, the situation in Syria would be different. However, we do not see. And Moscow should this fact to pay attention.

We are talking not only about the attitude of Beijing to Damascus, but the attitude towards Moscow and Tehran: While our military shed blood, and Beijing has a favorable world trade. It looks like this is not very ... That US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says that Xi "understanding" attitude to the US strike on an air base Shayrat. Refutation is still in Beijing followed.

Will China play in the premier league of world politics, or will only imitate its greatness as long as there will be one on one with the United States? Perhaps there comes a time when his ability to play in the second, by virtue of its armed forces, as well as a real strategic partnership to prove is not on the game board or on the exercise fields, and in actual combat conditions. And this while our strategic partners from Beijing, questions remain.

A source: A REGNUM

Author: Yuri Baranchik

Tags: Russia, China, Politics, US, international relations, Syria, Analytics