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"I am the way and the truth and the life" (John 14, 6)

Encyclopedia of the sayings of the Holy Fathers and teachers of the Church on various issues of spiritual life

The truth is our Lord Jesus Christ, as He testified of Himself: "I am the way, and the truth and the life" (Jn XXUMX: 14). Truth is the Word of God: "Your word is truth" (John 6: 17) (17, 111).

Truth is the word of God - the gospel, Truth is the Christ. The knowledge of Truth introduces the divine truth into the soul, expelling from the soul the fallen and sinful sin of human truth: entering into the soul the divine truth testifies to the Christ world (109, 223-224).

The truth is our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us assimilate this truth by faith in Her, with a cry of prayer to this Truth - and She will extract us from the abyss of self-delusion and seduction by demons (108, 230).

Truth has a Spirit peculiar to Himself. This Spirit is called the Spirit of Truth. He is the Spirit, proceeding from the Father. He is the Holy Spirit of God. He is the Spirit of the Son, as one who is unceasingly present to the Son, as making with the Father and the Son a single indivisible and unbearable Divine Being (111, 166).

Accepting Truth is the acceptance of the Holy Spirit together ... In the same way: where the Holy Spirit acts, there is the most abundant phenomenon of Truth (111, 166).

True worshipers of the True God worship Him with the Spirit and Truth ... God seeks, that is, desires to have such admirers (111, 165).

Those who know and accepted the Holy Truth came under the influence, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they are part of the Lord, His lot (111, 462).

Man, having confessed himself as a slave and creation of God ... immediately enters all his being into the realm of holy truth ... He who ascends to the realm of Truth, receives the moral and spiritual freedom, receives moral and spiritual happiness (109, 96).

It is necessary that our way of thinking be penetrated by the Truth. Apart from Christ, I do not understand and do not know the other Truth. And are not they blind who are they who, at the time when Christ is facing them in the terrible greatness of humility, ask: "What is the Truth?" (111, 508-509).

Fallen humanity proceeds to the holy truth by faith, There is no other way to it (108, 119).

Learn to read the Gospel: from him you will hear the Truth, in him you will see the Truth. The truth will reveal to you your fall and the bonds of lies, the bonds of self-delusion, with which the soul of every person is invisibly connected, not renewed by the Holy Spirit (108, 119).

You are ashamed to confess, a fallen proud person, proud in the very fall, that you must seek truth outside of yourself, that the entrance to it for your soul is through hearing and other bodily senses. But this is an undeniable truth ... (108, 119).

Truth is the source and cause of salvation, as defined by the Lord Himself (111, 208).

God's holy, holy truth remains hidden in God's holy and Holy Scriptures. The building of virtues, if it is not based on this foundation, is absolutely fragile, indecent. Bishop Ignatius (Brianchaninov) (111, 455-456).

We must completely free ourselves from external unrest, find complete silence in the hidden heart of the heart and then proceed to contemplation of the Truth (4, 250).

The carnal man, whose mind has not exercised in contemplation, is better to say, all in tune, buried in carnal wisdom, can not look at the spiritual light of Truth (6, 266).

The housebuilder of our salvation introduces us, as people who grew up in darkness, into the great light of truth, accustomed to him gradually, sparing our infirmity. In the depths of His Wisdom and in the unexplored courts of reasoning, He foresaw this Light and usable guidance for us, teaching us to first see the shadows of objects and look at the sun in the water so that when we see a bright light we will not be blinded. This is the basis for the law that has a "shadow of the future blessings" (Hebrews 10, 1), and the visions of the prophets are the prototypes of the Truth, for the training of the eyes of the heart, so that the transition from them to Wisdom, secretly secret, becomes convenient for us. St. Basil the Great (113, 23).

Truth is an unquestionable concept of being. Who has not enlightened his mind with the divine teaching, he is far from the truth of the mind. Rev. Ephraim the Syrian (27, 41).

The property of truth is such that it rises even at a time when many rebel against it (36, 538).

In all things the well-intention of the soul is needed. If the truth touches such a soul, then it suits it comfortably. And if it does not take hold, it does not come from the weakness of truth, but from the irrationality of the soul (42, 225).

This is the property of truth: from what people think to undermine it, it becomes stronger and shines thanks to what they want to eclipse (42, 377).

If one seeks truth, all virtues must merge (44, 77).

Girded with truth will never feel exhausted, and if tired, will receive reinforcements in the same truth (45, 204).

Do you want to see a ray of light? Make thine eyes clean, healthy, and sharp. The Lord has shown you the true Light, but if you, while avoiding the light, rush into the darkness - what kind of excuse will you find, what kind of forgiveness? (45, 18).

There is nothing lighter and stronger than Truth ... Truth openly offers itself to all who want to see its beauty. She does not like to hide, is not afraid of danger and slander, does not seek popular glory, is not subject to anything else human. It stands above all, undergoing, of course, thousands of slander, but remaining indomitable. Those who come to her guard it, as a strong wall, with the majesty of their strength. St. John Chrysostom (42, 184).

The Father of Truth did not create the Truth that did not exist before, but as the Source of Light and all the good, the Only-Begotten Light of Truth shone forth from Himself, through which the glory of His Hypostasis is always displayed. Saint Gregory of Nyssa (22, 168).

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