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10.04.2017 - 18: 45

Due to the Russian pipe Denmark do not like their own laws

European countries painted powerless to prevent the construction of a key gas pipeline "Nord Stream - 2». Denmark suddenly discovered that and would like to insert a Russian project spoke in the wheel, but it interferes with their own legislation. However, the most difficult obstacles to "SP - 2», it seems, is still ahead.

Denmark wants to change the law, so that in case of bad political situation, reserve the right to prohibit the construction of the gas pipeline "Nord Stream - 2». This was announced by Energy Minister Lars Christian Lilleholt, reports Reuters.

Denmark in March received a request from Gazprom to the approval of the construction of the pipe in the territorial waters of the country, and soon the government must begin its consideration. Earlier, Denmark and Sweden have jointly appealed to the European Commission on the legal assessment of the project. In late March, they received a reply from the EC to recognize that there is no legal reason to prevent the construction of the "Nord Stream - 2», although politically this project and they do not like. According Lilleholta, Denmark received a request from the EU to give a mandate to negotiate with Russia.

Currently, this type of project can legally be stopped only on environmental grounds. In April, the Ministry of Russia handed over the eight countries concerned documentation on environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the gas pipeline "Nord Stream - 2». And the position of Denmark confirms that environmental grounds to refuse to laying pipes do not have - as it was not subject to the approval of a few years ago, construction of the "Nord Stream - 1». That is why the Danish government thinks about how to change the legislation in order to create the legal possibility of banning the project purely for political reasons.

"The appeal is solely a political issue. Something in this spirit that was going to happen anyway. Communication is as follows: Russia - a bad country, and Gazprom - a state company, so it is necessary to stop the project, under the pretext of national security of Denmark possible threat. But legally it had no reason, "- said General Director of the National Energy Security Fund Konstantin Simonov.

However, the expert is sure that any attempt to present this as a threat to the Danish pipe national security is unlikely to be successful. "How can it be related to the country's security? Of course, in the context of the current situation in Syria, do not rule out some kind of hysteria on this subject. But to talk about this can be on the level of emotion in the Parliament but not at the level of major legal decisions ", - repeats Simonov.

The Swedish parliament under the influence of the United States representatives of several political parties in all seriousness, too, argued that the equipment for laying pipes can be used for the landing of the Russian assault. Eventually, however, Sweden is still approved the use of one of its ports by Nord Stream 2 AG, which is engaged in laying the pipe.

"And Denmark will welcome, because it can not bypass the main argument: she previously gave permission for the construction of the first two lines of" Nord Stream ", which is successfully operating. Also this month, is due to start the procedure of approval application for the construction of the pipe. And if now they will change the law - this is a very ugly story from the point of view of Europe "- said Simonov.

However, this does not mean that the "Nord Stream - 2» a serene future. The offshore part of the project is not subject to EU law, and therefore not covered by the Third Energy Package. But Gazprom is necessary to transmit the gas further on in Germany, where they begin to act in European energy policies. In particular, Gazprom can not simultaneously be the owner of the pipe, and the owner of the pumped gas. Just for this reason, there were problems in the pipeline OPAL - continuation of the "Nord Stream - 1» in the European territory. Because of the lawsuit Polish Court temporarily blocked Gazprom full access to capacity OPAL.

"Initially, it was clear that Denmark - the weakest link of the four countries - participants in the offshore segment. Pressure on Denmark comes from the US and the EU. Brussels proxy tries to insert a stick in the wheel of the Russian project. The plan is this: keep Gazprom in suspense, that he spent all his energy on the marine part of the pipeline, works hard, and then relaxed. At this point, with a new force to strike, but about laying a land portion of the pipe, where there is a lot more opportunities to create obstacles ", - Simonov believes.

In other words, Gazprom is likely to receive a permit for the pipe laying through the territorial waters of Denmark, but this is not his problem will end. Simon predicts that "the legal attempts to block Russian gas on land yet to be."

A source: LOOK

Author: Olga Samofalova

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