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Israel fell under the fire of its own ammunition

Israel fell under the fire of its own ammunition

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More and more "evidence" is being thrown into the public space that Israel is helping ISGIL fighters * fighting against Assad's army. In particular, the images shot in Syria with ammunition of Israeli production are featured. Is the Israeli leadership really trying to influence the events in Syria in this way?

On Thursday, the Directorate 4 Telegram-channel, which monitors the fighting in Syria, distributed a video of an artillery firefight with government troops. In a close-up shot, there are also shells for the 107-mm anti-aircraft gun, which lie in boxes bearing inscriptions in Hebrew.

It is noted that this is not the first confirmed fact of ammunition supplies for militants from Israel. It is also alleged that Israel treats terrorists wounded in battles with the army of Asad on its territory.

However, even a cursory, superficial analysis of the record shows that Telegram-channel used a video that was distributed by the world mass media in early September. For example, among others, it was then distributed by In the notes to the record, it was mentioned that one of the detachments of the "Free Syrian Army" in the western suburb of Deraa leads the battle with the regular army.

This video, which was distributed by 8 September official Syrian agency SANA, was not the first "evidence of Israeli supplies of ammunition to militants."

It is worth noting that reports of the discovery of Israeli weapons or ammunition began to come from Syria from about 2013 year. According to official sources in Damascus, they were found by Syrian troops on the seized bases of various gangs - from "moderate opposition" to YGIL *.

True, there is no evidence that the weapons were raised by the Israeli authorities. As a rule, photos of boxes with weapons or ammunition with inscriptions in Hebrew were published. By the way, the Israeli press itself did not shy away from reprinting these news from Syrian agencies.

Three days before the announcement of the Directorate 4 Telegram-channel on Monday, a similar message arrived. As Kommersant wrote, relying on the official agency SANA (Damascus), the Syrian army found weapons, ammunition and communications equipment of Israeli production in the provinces of Homs and Hama. Mortars, machine guns, 800 shells and 10 thousand rounds of various calibers were found as trophies in the network of underground tunnels that the IGIL fighters built.

Such reports are intended to strengthen the suspicion that Tel Aviv supports the Syrian igilovites, and at the moment when not only the Syrian army but the Russian army are fighting with them.

According to this version, Israel tries to maintain the flame of civil war in the neighboring country, although it seems that both IGIL and Asad supporters hate the Jewish state equally. In a kind of logic supporters of this hypothesis can not be denied. For while in Syria some enemies of Israel are killing other enemies of Israel, Israel itself can sleep calmer.

"Israel produces weapons and ammunition and sells it to many countries. We produce ammunition and for weapons that were produced in the Soviet Union ", - explained the newspaper VZGLYAD former head of the special service" Nativ "Yakov Kedmi. According to him, ammunition and weapons could actually get to Syria, but only through third countries, from Central European countries to the United States, which bought weapons for various forces.

By the way, the supplies of weapons from the former socialist countries of Central Europe became known in September during a grand scandal, in the center of which was Ukraine. As the newspaper VZGLYAD wrote, it turned out that Kiev, playing the role of an intermediary, secretly sold weapons from various EU countries, primarily to the belligerents of the Middle East and Africa.

"Directly, we have never supplied weapons to any of the groups that are fighting in Syria. If something of what was purchased from us, through the second-third hands somehow got into Syria? It could be, "suggested Kedmi and added:

If ammunition is produced in Israel, then there may well be inscriptions in Hebrew. Especially if they were stolen from the warehouses of the Israeli army. "

But Kedmi emphasizes: the Hebrew inscriptions, on the contrary, prove the non-participation of the Jewish state in deliveries. "If we wanted to arm any illegal factions, and so that no one would know that it was Israeli ammunition, there would be no inscriptions and no sign that it was done in Israel," explained the former chief of the special services.

According to Kedmi, this is done to discredit the Jewish state. "Erdogan recently accused the Israeli Mossad of provoking a referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan. Such accusations are needed to once again cause hostility towards Israel in the Arab world and among the Turkish population. On the other hand, it is an attempt to discredit the Kurds themselves, they say, their vote is a provocation of external forces. "

"So there is an ordinary propaganda war. Nobody says that Israel can not be claimed. But to make such a claim? What is it that Israel created or is working with it, arms it? There is no limit to propaganda. You can write any nonsense, "- explained the former chief of the special services.

Nikita Kovalenko, Yuri Zainashev
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