Today: January 16 2019
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Israel will spend three million euros to attract Russian tourists

Israel will spend three million euros to attract Russian tourists

Tags: Israel, Middle East, Walking, Russia

Israel intends to spend about three million euros for advertising campaigns to attract Russian tourists. It is reported by the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).

As described in the Ministry of Tourism of Israel, on October 24 began work on the promotion of Eilat - resort in the south of the country. For these purposes it takes about 1,2 million euros.

In addition, 1 November kicked off the autumn phase of the campaign "Two cities - one vacation." It should attract the attention of the Russians to the tours in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. In this project it is planned to spend about 1,5 million euros.

Both campaigns are held in Moscow and St. Petersburg. They will last until the end of November. As stated by the participants of the Russian tourist market, advertising the Israeli side activity contributes substantially to sales vouchers.

In March, the Minister of Tourism of Israel Yarin Levin shared plans to bring into the country up to 2016 500 year thousands of tourists from Russia. He also said that in 2015-m in the state visited about 415 thousand Russian visitors.

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