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Israel forces the Palestinians for unity

For all these wild leaps Trump were overshadowed by events that diplomats are on a long-term plan for the Middle East. The plan - the union of the Palestinians led by Abbas and the conclusion of the Israeli-Palestinian agreement.

I wrote several zamotok on this topic.

In general, Israel is preparing in parallel solve the problem of unification of Palestinians in two ways. Or economic and diplomatic means, or if they do not work - the military.

In recent days, was taken effect on the economic and diplomatic front.

First. Political pressure on Hamas.

"Tens of thousands of people took to the mass demonstration of protest against the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. The reason for popular anger was the announcement that the government employees in Gaza who receive a salary from the autonomy, reduce wages to 30%. The salaries of the Palestinian Authority are an important source of income for the inhabitants of the enclave , and receives about 60 thousand people. The demonstrators demanded the immediate resignation of the prime minister Rami Hamdallaha autonomy. They also demanded that Mahmoud Abbas canceled a decree on the reduction of wages. "

As you can see from the requirements of the strikers, the government who heads the Hamas decision to ask Abbas seated in the West Bank and the head of Fatah.

Second. The prosecution in the growth of the humanitarian catastrophe caused by Hamas.

"The government's coordinator in the territories, Major General reserve Yoav Mordechai sent a letter to representatives of the international community, which warns about the inevitability of the humanitarian disaster in Gaza. Israel has warned the United Nations that the crisis in water and electricity supply is compounded and that currently 96% of fresh water Gaza is undrinkable. Israel blamed for what is happening on the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah refusal to collaborate on humanitarian projects in Gaza.

This is the second in the past six months the Prevention of General Mordechai.

For the sake of improving the situation, Israel declared its support for the construction of desalination plants in Gaza. It has just completed the construction of the desalination plant UNICEF in Khan Younis, but Hamas does not allow the company to connect to the mains. Build another desalination plant is in the planning stage.

Israel supports the construction of another major center in Deir al-Balah, but promised by international donors funding received only partially, because at the moment the project is frozen.

In light of the fact that the construction of desalination facilities is delayed, Israel agreed to double the supply of water in the Gaza Strip (with 10 million cubic meters to 20 million cubic meters) - but the Palestinian Authority does nothing to speed up the process.

At the same time, a growing crisis in electricity supply. electricity deficit estimated at 200 megawatts. Israel supplies 60% of electricity to Gaza. CHP in Gaza gives even 30% and Egyptians - 10%. In response to the energy crisis, Israel began construction of a new high voltage transmission network, which will increase the supply to Gaza on 100 megawatts. This line will target the use of desalination plants, sewage treatment facilities, etc.

Debts for the electricity sector have already exceeded 2 billion shekels. Recently, Israel has warned of a possible power failure, if the debts are not repaid start.

In addition to this, in September 2015 Israel approved the Gaza connection to the national gas network infrastructure in order to produce cheap and clean electricity in Gaza. But no agreement has been signed to this day between the gas supplier and the Palestinian Authority. "

Third. Hamas accusation of cruelty on the part of the United Nations.

"United Nations Office for Human Rights," the strongest possible terms condemns "punishment of three Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which Hamas convicted of collaborating with Israel. It is representative of the Ombudsman Ravina Shamdasani said 7 of April. She accuses Palestinian groups of committing summary executions, despite all international appeals cancel them than Hamas' Palestine violated obligations under international law "."


Even if all of these actions will not lead to change of political leadership in the Gaza Strip, in any case, they are preparing public opinion in Israel and the world for a military solution.

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