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Israel in shock from a new neighbor: Russia is building a military base in Syria

The Russian military base is being built in close proximity to the Israeli border, the Western press reports.

The construction is being conducted by the Russian engineering corps in the small town of Khirbet Ras Al-Waar in the Bir al-Qasab area, which is located in the southeast of Syria.

Western media note that never before Russian troops were not in Syria further than Palmyra.

This is the first military facility of the Russian Federation, which is being built in close proximity to the border of Israel and the US military garrison opposite. That is, the Russian base will be located at 110 km from the Israeli military positions of the IDF, 185 km from the military garrison of American and Jordanian special forces, at 95 km from Jordan and 50 km from Damascus.

The Russian military facility in Syria will be built at the so-called crossroads of al-Tanf in the heart of the Jordanian, Iraqi and Syrian border triangles.

According to the military source DEBKAfile, the Russian base in Syria will have to provide security at the border crossroads of al-Tanf, the routes from which lead from the south and east of Syria to Damascus, and will have levers of control over the southeast of Syria, where forces supported by the United States, They are fighting for domination.

According to Israeli intelligence, the Russians began building a military base immediately after the first reports of an alleged agreement between Jordan, the United States and Russia on the demilitarized zone that would cover the territories of Jordan and Israel appeared on 22 June, but DEBKAfile sources do not confirm this information.

According to their information, the agreement was not signed because of a tough plan to resolve the dangerous situation in the southeast of Syria, proposed by Russia.

The Russian plan consists of three points:

1) The US will continue to hold the al-Tanf pass, and in return the troops of Syria and Iran will liberate the city of Abu Kamal and take control of the northern territories of the country.

2) Russia will control the withdrawal of Iranian troops and militants from the southeast of Syria.

3) Moscow proposed the creation of a joint organization, consisting of representatives of the Russian Federation and the United States, to solve everyday affairs in this area of ​​Syria, including the territories located along the borders of Israel and Jordan.

The United States does not like several positions in the Russian plan.

At first, Washington does not want the city of Abu Kamal to be liberated by the Syrian army, as this will strengthen Iran's position on the border of Syria and Iraq, and this the US can not admit.

Secondly, The United States does not agree that Russia once controls the withdrawal of militants and Iranian troops from the southeast of Syria, but Washington demands that it be done immediately.

The Western press reports that Russia, as always, has rested and does not want to yield.

A source: Foreign economic relations

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