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Israel will pay for each brought into the country a tourist

Israel's Ministry of Tourism announced the launch of a program aimed at encouraging companies that send tourists to the resorts of the country. For every traveler, brought in Ovda airport and Ramon, located near Eilat, carriers and tour operators may obtain 45 euros. It is reported by the Association of Tour Operators of Russia.

To receive compensation, companies need to perform at least 16 flights to the Red Sea coast in the period from October 15 2017 29, on March 2018 years. Accepting applications from companies last until July 15.

In 2016, Israel also pay extra for each tourist brought on 45 euros.

The Ministry of Tourism of the country made it clear that such a practice has shown good results. From October 2 2016 2, the flight was carried out on March 2017 117 years with average load 80 percent. Just Ovdu (only participated in the program last year airport) arrived almost 20 thousand Russian tourists, which is 129 percent more than the year before.

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