Today: 23 September 2018
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The Israeli terrorist threat

The Israeli terrorist threat

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To put it mildly, Israel's negative attitude towards Syria is beyond doubt. It is also directly and frankly in Jerusalem that they treat Iran and, of course, Hezbollah. Regular bombing and rocket attacks on Syrian government troops are already familiar, as are far-fetched pretexts for such attacks. This is equivalent to shooting at the backs of the soldiers of the anti-Hitler coalition in the Great Patriotic War, justifying itself with the "struggle for freedom and independence."

At the same time, it is obvious that Israel had and still has a choice. The former enemies of Bashar Assad, and Erdogan, an example of this, changed their position and jointly fight against terrorists. Although Ankara has for many years done exactly the same thing that Israel has been doing so far - it has supported jihadists, provided them with asylum, looked at the organization of the camps on its territory, actually allowed recruitment, provided treatment to wounded militants, and even armed them.

It is this policy that Israel continues to this day. The other day, while checking out the jihadists' shelters in the provinces of Homs and Hama, terrorists discovered weapons and ammunition produced by Israel. The government agency Sana reports that "This gun, 800 mines 120 mm caliber, a machine gun and 10 000 cartridges to it, as well as machine gun cartridges 17, 14,5 and 30 mm, 13 mortars, shells for grenade launchers and communication devices."

The logic of Jerusalem, albeit unprincipled, could be understood in 2011 and even in 2016. When in doubt was not only the preservation of Bashar al-Assad power, but also the existence of Syria as a state.

Today, when the terrorists are being killed and the issue on the agenda is the restoration of Syria and the formation of a new power structure. taking into account post-war realities. such a policy of Israel unambiguously takes him beyond the brackets of any, even separate, negotiations. The lack of flexibility and realism makes it impossible for any influence on the future of Syria.

Moreover, numerous facts of support and sponsorship of terrorism will inevitably see the light. And if Turkey, which has fled to the side of the winners in time, will be out of criticism, then it's just that Israel will not forgive support for the bandits Damascus.

And since this can not be ignored by Israeli politicians, the assumption involuntarily arises. that they knowingly do not want to solve the problem with their own terrorists, Palestinians, the occupied territories.

Maybe the Israeli authorities need a sluggish, eternal war?

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