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By the shores of Syria, he went to the Russian Navy frigate "Admiral Grigorovich"

Frigate "Admiral Grigorovich" left Sevastopol to Syria shores. This RIA Novosti said a source in law enforcement agencies of the Crimea.

"In the first half of the day (Tuesday, February 28 - note" Lenta.ru. ") Frigate pass the straits, and by Tuesday evening already will operate as part of the Russian naval group. The crew prepared the ship has passed all necessary regulations and is ready to fully carry out tasks in the far sea zone, "- said the source.

"Grigorovich" already went hiking in the eastern Mediterranean in November-December 2016 years. In particular, 15 November, he struck 3M14 cruise missiles at targets of Islamist militants in the Syrian provinces of Homs and Idlib.

"Admiral Grigorovich," - the head guard ship far sea zone (frigate) 11356 project. The Russian military in 2010-2011 years 80 booked for billion rubles the construction of six ships of this type Baltic Shipyard "Yantar". These frigates are designed to strengthen the surface of the Black Sea Fleet.

Currently, in addition to "Grigorovich," put the fleet "Admiral Essen" and ends with the state tests "Admiral Makarov". Construction of the second trio of ships stopped due to failure of "Zorya-Mashproekt" Ukrainian companies to supply gas turbine power plants. They are supposed to finish in the interest of the Indian Navy.

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