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Gaddafi avenged Sarkozy even after his death

Gaddafi avenged Sarkozy even after his death

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The arrest of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is especially revealing against the background of the just-concluded Russian elections. If the allegations against Sarkozy are true, they reveal the blatant lawlessness that is happening in the Western elections. Russian political orders are criticized by representatives of the very elite who, for the sake of power, are ready to bribe, kill and destroy entire countries.

Elections in Russia in the West are not considered democratic (as opposed to their own). In addition, Russia is also accused of interfering in US and European elections. However, in reality we see that in two key countries of the Western world, which are presidential republics, large-scale machinations are taking place around the elections.

We will not now deal with the details of the last US elections. Recall only that first for the nomination of Hillary Clinton and her victory over Bernie Sanders, the whole power of the apparatus of the Democratic Party was involved. And then, after her defeat from Donald Trump, the elected president has been organizing organized sabotage and obstruction for a year and a half. Let's look at France, the country that became the first presidential republic in the world.

Her former president - 63-year-old Sarkozy - was taken into custody right Tuesday in the building of the judicial police of Nanterre, one of the suburbs of Paris. He came for interrogation in the case of financing his election campaign 2007. Those elections he won and became the president of France, and the following, in 2012 year, lost.

And now Sarkozy is arrested. So far, for 48 hours, after the expiration of which the issue of charging him with charges and further arrest will be decided. AND This time, unlike the previous arrest almost four years ago, he has much less chances to get out of the water.

Yes, 1 July 2014 Sarkozy already detained - then his 15 hours were interrogated in the case of abuse of office during his presidency. It was suspected that he used his opportunities to obtain secret information about the progress of the investigation of the "Betancourt case" - the story associated with the illegal financing of his election campaign in 2007 by the richest woman in France, Lillian Betancourt. Then Sarkozy was indicted, but released. The case was then swept, and in September 2017, Betancourt died at the age of 94.

But now the main suspicions about Sarkozy concern another bribe. And although the person who gave him money is also dead, Evidence against the former president is more than enough. The question is whether French justice can condemn the former president of the country.

It's about the money that Sarkozy took from Gaddafi and whom he later killed. This is not a medieval chronicle, it is the reality of our time. It is symbolic that the arrest of Sarkozy fell exactly on the 7-th anniversary of the promulgation of history with bloody money.

10 March 2011 year Sarkozy recognized the so-called. Libyan rebels and their Transitional National Council (created under the French leadership) are the only legitimate representative of the Libyan people. 19 March, the air operations of Western countries began against Libya. Between these two dates, Muammar Gaddafi and his son Safe-ul-Islam said that Sarkozy received money from Libya for his election campaign.

"Sarkozy is mentally retarded," said the Libyan leader. "He should be grateful to me that he became president of France." This we provided him with the means that helped him win the election. "

At the same time, Gaddafi's son demanded that Sarkozy recognize the fact of receiving money from the Libyan government and, taking into account his position on the events in Libya, return these funds.

With respect to Gaddafi's honesty there is almost no doubt. It's not just that his son Safe-ul-Islam is alive, but also that the transfer of Sarkozy's money was confirmed by other Libyan leaders, in particular former prime ministers of Baghdadi al-Mahmudi and Shukri Ghanem (who later held the post of minister of oil and strangely drowned in Vienna in the spring of 2012).

And one of the mediators, the Lebanese billionaire Ziad Takeddin, two years ago told that he personally ferried five million Euros from Tripoli to Paris in 2006-2007, where he handed them to Sarkozy's right hand Claude Gean (after the election, he headed the Interior Ministry). One of Gaddafi's proxies Bekhir Saleh told about Sarkozy's financing. And the former chief of Libyan intelligence Abdullah Senussi gave testimony on this subject to the International Criminal Court.

Moreover, back in May 2012, when Sarkozy lost the elections, the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko could not stand:

"Sarkozy did not take 50 million dollars, and, according to Gaddafi, more than 100 million dollars for his election campaign. I was personally told by Gaddafi when he was on a visit. "

How did Sarkozy reward his creditor? 20 October 2011, the French Air Force planes struck at Gaddafi's motorcade. The wounded Libyan leader fell into the hands of his enemies and was killed. Causal relationships are so obvious that only the blind can not see them.

Yes, next year Sarkozy will lose the presidential election, although for the sake of his victory everything possible and impossible was done. For example, its main rival, the head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was eliminated. 14 May 2011, two months after the start of the Libyan operation, Strauss-Kahn was arrested in New York allegedly on suspicion of raping a maid at the hotel where he lived. The ordered character of the Strauss-Kahn case did not cause anybody any doubts at that time. Soon he was released, but there was no question of any nomination for the presidency. However, Sarkozy managed to lose even the completely faceless Francois Hollande - and went into the shadows, lay down. He expected that his bribes would be forgotten.

But now for Sarkozy took again - including through the "money Gaddafi." Two months ago, his former assistant businessman Alexander Juhri was arrested in London - soon, however, released on bail of a million pounds.

That is, we are dealing with a unique situation - The former head of the state, which possesses nuclear weapons and is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, is accused of taking bribes from a foreign state. And given the further events, it may well justifiably be suspected of plotting to kill a man who gave him money. The consequence of which was the destruction of the whole country, which in turn caused not only huge sacrifices in Libya itself, but also reflected in the crisis with the refugees, which almost overwhelmed Europe in the middle of this decade.

All this alone is enough for real spy novels and serials. In other words, the French elections 2007 and 2012 years - this is such a hell and trash that you do not have to invent anything. But no - we will be told about unfair elections in Russia and the murder of an agent of British intelligence in London.

Peter Akopov
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