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Personnel working Forces Russian special operations in Syria

The TV channel "Russia-24» showed footage of the work of Special Operation Forces (MTR) of Russia during the liberation of the Syrian Palmyra.

The program tells that the liberation of Palmyra was attended by Russian advisers and military personnel who were involved, including during the operation to destroy terrorists before the commanding heights of the ancient city. The video, posted on YouTube «Russian 24», is shown, in particular, the work grenade mtr.

Special Operations Forces conducted reconnaissance and hit the most important objects. In the story "Russian 24» says that MTRs often worked at night, tearing offensive radicals, and also suggests aviation videoconferencing on goal.

In addition, the footage shows the destruction of "jihad-mobiles" - that is, the car bombs, which are suicide bombers - MTR soldiers before they approach the positions of the Syrian army.

On the eve of the commander of Russian troops in Syria, Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov said that the success of the operation to free Palmyra was made possible also thanks to the work units of special operations forces of the Russian Armed Forces, which conducted reconnaissance and hit the most important objects of the enemy.

On Thursday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to President Vladimir Putin of the completion of the taking of Palmyra with the support of Russian VKS.

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Author: Sergei Guryanov

Tags: Syria, the war in the Middle East, terrorism, IG, Action, Army, Russian, Special Forces